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I thought Kim Locke and Trenyce both did good tonight. They really chose songs that fit them well.

I was surprised no one said anything to Ruben, he was a little "pitchy" as Randy likes to say. He just sounded really tired. Clay did good tonight too, and I liked that he took Simon's advice and changed it up a little with a more upbeat song. The Idol can't just sing ballads.

I think either Kim C. or Carmen will get voted off, but I've thought Carmen should go from the beginning.
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i wasn't all that impressed with ruban. I LOVED clay and kim locke. I thought they were both really good! I voted for kim locke ALOT because she is always in the bottom three and she is just too good to be there!
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Ruben was a little pitchy - it was like he just wasn't trying!

Kim L was the best last night and of course Clay was fantastic! Joshua also did a good job after a few issues at the beginning of the song.

I really don't like Treynce. I think she is a Whitney/Mariah/Celine wanna be. She is always doing the same type thing.

I think Carmen will be booted tonight. Then again, we have be wrong before!
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My thoughts:

Clay was the best. He finally did what I was hoping for and changed the type of song he sings. Simon's comments about him cracked me up.

Surprisingly, the person who I thought did second best was Kim Locke. I thought she looked fantastic and the song was great on her. She looked comfortable. I hope that she gets to stay.

I agree Rueben was not at his best last night. I mean, sure, he did well, and the boy can sing, but I don't think it was the best performance.

Josh came back and did well towards the end. He has a strong voice, and I think he will go somewhere with it.

Kim C did ok, and so did Trenyce, but I am not too fond of either of them so I think that colors my view of their performance.

And Carmen...her voice is so different. I wish she could find a song that would showcase it instead of making it seem pitchy and whiny, and always on the verge of sliding out of tune. Billy Joel has tons of songs to choose from, and I don't think she picked the best song for her voice.

If the votes go the way they should, I am thinking Carmen to go home, but I have been thinking that for two weeks. I just hope that Kim L is staying.

The Billy Joel segments were nice . Billy Joel rules .
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You must have been reading my mind! I agree with your analysis, but I think Kim C. should go. OK, so she's pretty, she dresses well and she has charisma. But it seems like she's hit the end of her singing talent. Granted, it's better than probably 95% of the people out there, but she is not keeping up with the rest of the group (except Carmen, too).

Ruben was off last night, but I wonder if he was sick? I know they said several weeks ago that a couple of the contestants had colds. Maybe it's still going around.
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yea!!!!! one blonde down, one to go
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
yea!!!!! one blonde down, one to go
But it's the wrong blonde! OK, so I said that Kimberley C should go, but I missed Carmen's performance (a friend had a rather frightening doctor's appointment, so I was on the phone with her while Carmen was performing).

Ruben and Clay, at this point, seem to have a guaranteed pass to the final 4. Josh and Kimberley L. are in the running, while Carmen and Trenyce should be voted off in the next two weeks. I really can't see Carmen (blonde #2 for Princess Purr ) lasting through next week.
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i didn't care which blonde went...i just want them both gone!
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Clay has a good voice, but does he seem like he's getting a big ego to anyone else? He just seems so big headed.
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Man- Carmen had the worst performance- she should be gone. Hopefully next week! I want the final 4 to be Ruben, Clay, Josh and Kim Locke.
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I think those would be my final four too - Clay, Reuben, Kim L. and Josh. Pretty much in that order too .

And no, I don't think Clay seems like he is getting a big head. He still seems kinda humble to me. *shrug* Could just be me though.

And yes, Carmen is like a cat, the girl has nine lives. I just hope we don't have another Nicki(from last year) on our hands.
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I think clay seems very sweet. He seems kinda shy and greatful to me. He always seems so thankful when people complement him. Those are my final four too Clay, Reuben, Kim Locke and Josh
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Tonight is the night again.

I wonder what the theme is, I haven't heard as of yet. Anyone know?
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Did anyone watch the special last night? I really am just not as "into" AI this season. They are good, but for some reason it's just not as exciting. Maybe because I just don't like the songs they've been singing (Billy Joel as an exception to that)? Or maybe because the voting makes no sense and Carmen shouldn't have made it to the top 6?

Whatever it is, I am really hoping for a good theme tonight and some good singing!
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Yeah, I got sucked into the special last night. Each contestant sang a song of their choice-from those they've already sang. I was hoping to hear some new ones, oh well. Only Kim L. did really well, she seemed to be taking it as if the judges WERE there (like they weren't going to be watching!).

I have no idea what the theme is tonight. I guess it will just have to be a surprise.
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Yeah, I watched it as well. Wasn't too impressed overall. You could really tell they were just doing a show to boost the ratings for Mr. Personality. Kim was singing like her life on the show depended on it, and in a sense it does. She's been in the bottom 3 too often. Carmen is so out of her league, and it's really showing at this point. I can't see how she can make it another week, but I guess time will tell. I swear she has to have the whole state of Utah voting for her!
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WOW!! I had no idea there were 17 pages of this thread!!!! I always go to the threads and posts here directly from my e-mail notifications, since I get notifications of all new threads and posts so I very rarely go to the actual "lounge" page. I am totally addicted to this show, but haven't had time to post to this, so when I clicked on it just now I was shocked to find 17 pages of it! That is so cool! I wish like crazy I had time to go back and read all of it!!!
I have no idea who you all like or don't like...but for me....
Rueben and Clay are the best!!! Can't decide which I like better, though. I thought Carmen should have been gone a long time ago, and I was sad to see Ricky get voted off over her.
That Simon just kills me. I did feel sorry for Carmen though when he made his comment about her singing like she was at a children's party and he wanted to say just shut up...that was a bit cruel.
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Debby, there are only 5 pages of this thread showing for me. Wonder what's up with that???

Anyways, i am looking forward to tomight's show. I HOPE Carmen goes tonight, then the competition can go along at a better pace, we all know she will not win.

The special was cool last night, I liked hearing them talk and to hear more of thier personalities show through (although I missed the 1st 30 minutes of it)

Time to watch, in 30 minutes...

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Tonight was anyone's win...Reuben and Clay were good as usual. Kim is truly stepping up her game. Trenyce and Josh were just ok and Carmen did better than usual but I think she has already "done herself in".

Hmmm, I thought Simon's comment about Clay was right on...he is perfect for broadway and Disney type musicals and theme songs, etc... what a great voice he has for that kind of stuff!!!

I voted for Reuben. This is the first time I voted for him but I have thought all along that he was the best.

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My fave is Josh, but tonight he was just off. I have to agree with Randy (is that his name?), he was sharp most of the song. IMO, Carmen just hasn't done very good in the past few weeks. It almost seems like her heart isn't it anymore.

I missed the first half of the show, so I don't know how well the others did.
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Reuben is just such a natural- its like he doesn't even have to try, it just flows out of him.

I sgreed with Simon as well regarding Clay, he has an amazing voice, but it really IS better suited for Broadway. His comments to Carmen were a little harsh, but on the money. She has no real chance of winning when shes up against people like Reuben and Kim Locke. Shes WAY out of her league. The thing that bugs me most about Carmen is her 'canned responses' to questions. Shes one big walking cliche- reminds me of a beauty pageant girl, saying what she thinks people want to hear.

I can't vote, being Canadian, but if I could it would be Reuben all the way.
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I think that kim is amazing!! She is do so good the past few weeks. I LOVE clay's voice. I really think he would make an amazing star. Reuban is always awesome!!! Josh was just horrible! I was so dissappointed in him. I can no stand carmen. That girl needs to go!
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Hey folks, time again for my big chime in .

Ok, Clay and Reuben were on, as usual. I enjoyed the songs they sang, and think they did a great job. I am so used to them doing a great job I think they are going to need to step it up a bit to bring it home. Right now, my money is on Reuben.

Now, the continuing surprise for me lately has been Kimberly Locke. I think she is getting so good. I think the song fit her like a glove, her look has improved, her attitude is great. This is someone I would like to see stick around, and truth be told, if she won it, I wouldn't be too disappointed. (Remember I am a huge fan of Clay)

Carmen amazingly did pretty well last night. I was happy to see it, but the thing her voice does is starting to really annoy me. I think someone else called it nanny goating. I do think she is out of her league with the current cast, but last night she did a good job.

Trenyce is still not much to me. I don't know what it is about her. I think she has a decent voice, but it seems so...the same? I don't know, maybe it is because I know her name is really LaShumbra and I can't get past it. She just does nothing for me.

Josh was the big disappointment for me last night. What was up with that song? I don't think he was on at all, and it might cost him.

I don't know who will go home tonight, I am thinking either Carmen or Josh, but both have a loyal fan following, so goodness knows. Carmen should truly be gone, but I guess we will see.

Until tonight...
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Nanny goating!! Thats so true!!!

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I think that Simon was right that Ruben and Clay have to watch out for Kimberley L. If I remember correctly, she has had the most experience performing and is one of the oldest. It's showing-each week she gets more and more polished, poised and professional.

So what if Clay has a good voice for Broadway? Three of the CDs I have in my car are Broadway shows:Phantom, The King and I and Jesus Christ Superstar. At one time, Broadway WAS American pop music. I don't necessarily think that should be held against Clay. And, I really liked the new look (OK, I like men in leather )-I'm glad he got rid of the button-down shirt.

Ruben was great, too. The producer said on ET that he has been sick with a sore throat and they were afraid how it would affect his performance. He sounded a little scratchy but can pull it off.

I was surprised with Trenyce. I actually liked her performance (except for the keeping time with the hand that holds the microphone-her nails kept on distracting me). She's had the Mariah Carey sydrome, where she oversang just because she could. But it was much more restrained last night and much more pleasing.

Poor Josh. I think he'll be voted out in the next week or two. But, I'm sure he'll have a country recording contract waiting for him.

Carmen should go. I love the "nanny goating" comment, especially when she was yodeling on the special on Monday. She's way out of her league, and I think she's just been getting by on the all-American girl look.

Tonight should be very interesting.
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I wonder if Simon remembers that HE is the reason Carmen is there at all? I was almost thinking she was doing well last night with the first few lines of the song, and then her yodeling and overly-pronouced vibrata came back. Her voice has bothered me from the beginning and it is REALLY starting to bother me that she's still there. She shouldn't be.

Kim, Ruben and Clay are the obvious choices for the final 3. I know Clay is a big favorite around here , but I have to wonder if he has what it takes really. He's good, no doubt about it. He has a great voice, and I'm glad he took Simon's advice and stopped the theatrical facial expressions. American Idol, though? I don't know. He has a career in music, no doubt. I think it's funny though that the best ones, all three really, don't have the Britney and Justin type looks. They really are being judged on talent, and I think it's great.

Josh had an off night, I think because of the theme. His other worst night was Disco, again because of the theme. I think he did well with what he was given, but it wasn't him. He'll do well with a country career no matter how much farther he goes.

Trenyce was forgettable for me.
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Clay is believing his press IMO He is hamming it up to the audience and camera with those strange facial expressions. He is good for Broadway or Disneyland- but forget American Idol material. My money is on Reuben or Kim. I love that they broke the stereotypical mode and made it on talent alone! I see Carmen going into a supermodel career, but not singing.
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I really think simon just picked carmen because he couldn't pick clay. My theory is, he wanted to pick clay, but american voted clay in and the producers wouldn't let him pic, so he picked the person he thought was awful if you watched the wildcard show were they picked simon seemed extra angry and was complaining about the producers....well that is my insane theory for how the goat girl got there!

I love clay I really want him to win.
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Carmen, a supermodel? No way, she has too much acne on her face

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She's too short too!
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