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The theme was pretty good this week. I mean, if you can't find something that fits your style in Billboard No. 1 then you can't sing. Amazingly, some didn't. I agreed with the judges on this one (although I missed Clay and Kimberley's comments). Kimberly C. and Carmen were just horrible. I even really like Kimberly C. but that song was a bad choice. I think Trenyce will round out the bottom 3.

Ruben was the stand out performance again tonight. He is amazing.
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I agree...I thought Kim C and Carmen could have done better. I really thought Kim L and Trenyce did a FAB job tonight! Reuben was good ol' Rueben...wonderful as usual.
My bet for elimination is going to be Carmen. She just doesn't seem to be as strong as the others. JMO
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as always hated the blondes.. loved everyone else!!
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Reuben is gonna be a big star even if he doesn't win this contest. He is a natural.
I still like Ricky Smith. I think his voice is different from all of theother singers and that is what gives him an edge.
At this point they could start eliminating two at a time because it is obvious who is going and who is staying. This is my opinion, of course I think it will come down to Reuben and Clay, what do ya'll think???


Kim C.

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Kim L.
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my top two are reuban and clay. I think reuban is my number one, it used to be clay :LOL:
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I also think it will come down to Ruben and Clay, but stranger things have been known to happen. Everyone thought Tamyra would go further than she did too.

I think Josh has a Country career in hand, no matter how much further he goes in the competition. I think he and Ricky are on about the same ground, performance wise. I did think that Ricky had one of his best performances tonight, the song really fit him. Kim L. has been a bit inconsistent, but seems to be getting better as the competition goes on.

I agree with your list of who will go. I think it will be Carmen this week, Kim C. next week, Trenyce the following, unless something horrible happens. Kim L. seems to be the wild card with the eliminations. She's been in the bottom 3 so often....
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Kim C.

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Kim L.
Coco Maui: Ditto! I watched the show from a restaraunt last night and couldn't hear very...BTW....what did Simon say to Clay and Ruben?

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OK, call me an 80's girl, but I LOVE Lionel Richie. It was cool to see him, and I think he gave some of the most constructive criticism so far.

Clay and Ruben were great. Josh has found his niche. I like Rickey's voice, and liked his song. Kimberley L. had balls to sing a Celine Dion song, and did wonderfully. Kimberley C., Carmen and Trenyce are being left in the dust.

My top 4:Clay, Ruben, Kimberely L. and Josh.
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I am with you Christy, it was nice to see Lionel there. I thought he was a great guest judge. The best so far. He seemed like a real fan of the show.

I loved the song that Clay sang, it brings back such memories, and I was totally on the same track as Ryan Seacrest. Everytime I hear that song I think of Family Ties. I can't help it. Clay did wonderfully. He is still my favorite, but Reuben is creeping in there!

Reuben, Josh, Ricky and Kim L. did really well too. I wish there were more upbeat songs though, seemed it was all about the ballad last night. Hopefully that won't be an upcoming theme.

Carmen and Kim C. were just terrble. Yuck. Now, I like Carmen in general, but I just thought it was a terrible selection for her and I was right with Simon on that. Kim C. seemed like she was trying to step outside her box, and my god she should stay in the box. Get back in the box woman!

Trenyce, I mean the girl has talent right? Then why is it every time she goes for the high notes I feel like my ears are going to bleed? Was it just me? Probably.

My pick to go: Carmen
Personally I would want Kim C. to go, but since they have that carry over thing happening from last week, I am guessing Carmen.

Ok, I think that is it.
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Gotta be catty for a minute....

OMG did you see Carmen and Clay at the end of "All Night Long"??? Did they actually kiss? JMO, but even if they are an item, keep it off the stage. That's just not professional.
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I did see that Heidi, but I couldn't tell if they really did kiss or not..
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OOOH NOOO! My Ricky is gone! I vote for him every week. I just think Kim C. and Carmen are alot worse than he was. BYE BYE RICKY!

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If they are an item, that might hurt Clay's chances of winning if he shows unprofessionilism on stage

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Ginger, I just sat there in shock that Ricky was voted off. I can't believe Carmen wasn't in the bottom 3, she looked like she couldn't believe it either. I really thought this was one of Ricky's better performances.

Perhaps it's just me, but I just think it is inappropriate of them to be so touchy-feely on stage (Carmen and Clay). Do what you will on your own time, but in front of America? I would expect it from her, she is only 17, but he should be more mature and professional than that. I don't know why it bothered me so much, I don't even like Clay (like that!), I guess it just seems to cheapen the show.
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All I have to say is WHAT? Is the rest of America watching the same show us TCSers are watching? Carmen not in the bottom 3 and Ricky voted off? I was so pissed I ranted at the TV for a few minutes (Ivo looked at me funny but I felt better).

Missed the whole Carmen/Clay thing. I actually don't watch the big "production" numbers (along with the Ford Focus plugs), because I find them painful in a cheezy kinda way. I just flip back and forth (they had a cool special on PBS last night at the same time) until the elimination begins. But I agree, VERY unprofessional. Kelly and Justin last year had a thing, everyone knew they were having a thing (even when they denied it), but they kept it private. Also (being catty now, too), isn't she a bit, ummm.....young? She just turned 18. If Clay wants to be a teacher some day, he shouldn't be dating girls young enough to be his student.
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All I saw was the end, and I was shocked that Ricky is gone.

I taped it so I will have to watch it and see the alleged kiss, but honestly I have been saying (to Jenn) for weeks that Clay and Carmen seemed togetherish.

More comments tomorrow .
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Since I have TIVO (PVR, really, it came with the satellite system), I rewound it last night to see if I could see anything else. When they panned over the Idols at the end of the number when the crowd was applauding, they stopped just short of where Clay and Carmen were. I'm willing to bet they will be getting a stern talking to by the producers of the show!
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I was shocked that Ricky got booted - Carment really deserved to go!
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Ok, I watched my tape yesterday after work.

a.) The Ford commercials are annoying. Ugh.

b.) Clay is a hands on guy. He is touching and feeling everyone. He seems to be a very tactile person. He hugs and kisses (on cheek) everyone, and holds hands and pats shoulders.

c.) I don't think they kissed. It was close, but I don't think they kissed. I think it was a bit of play acting, but I think that there might be something between them. And for some reason I have a feeling that in the future they won't pair those two off for the group sings.

d.) I like Kelly Clarkson's new song. I think I am going to have to buy her cd when it comes out.

I think thats it.
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I think clay is just a touchy feely kinda guy. He kisses everyone on the check and hugs everybody. I don't think there is anything going on with the two of them. I can not beleave ricky was voted off i wanted on of the blondes to leave!!!! I like kim (the non blonde one! ), treyence, rubeun, clay, and josh...not in that order LOL I think my number one is rubeun and my number two is clay! I just hope one of the blondes is voted off!!!
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Originally posted by Luv Those Paws
d.) I like Kelly Clarkson's new song. I think I am going to have to buy her cd when it comes out.
I did too. But it's a totally different vibe than the "sweet girl next door" thing she had going on in the competition. I think I'll wait to hear a few more songs before getting it.
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Christy, you're right. Her vibe has changed. SHe was all sultury and whatnot, but right after the song ended she was all oh my god and excited like she used to be again.

That cracked me up.
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I liked Kelly's new song. I didn't think she could hold her own against this year's finalists until I heard her sing the other night, not I see why she won last year, she sure can sing

I am getting Direct TV in a couple of days and it comes with a TIVO like taping system! YAY!

Am I the only one who has heard of the song "seven spanish angels"??? Anyways, I was listening to some music on the computer that I had downloaded last nigt and I played that song. I thought, I would love to hear Reuben sing that song. That's when you know he's good when you want to hear what a song would sound like if he sings it

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'Tis the night again.

I heard on an entertainment show that tonights theme is Billy Joel songs. Maybe we will get to see the man himself?? That would be cool.

Until tonight.
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Billy Joel songs should be good for Clay, he sounds like "that" kind of singer.

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I do think that on Billy Joel he is going to be there. They were just waiting for him to fit it in his schedule. Supposedly he and his kids are huge fans of the show.
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I wonder if Simon will insult Billy Joel too. If he did I hope Billy gives him a genuine butt-kickin'!
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Unless the show is pre-recorded tonight, I don't think Billy Joel will be there. He's in concert tonight here in Cleveland with Elton John.
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My dad loves Billy Joel! If he knew the people on American Idol were singing his songs, he'd flip! Billy Joel knows how to sing, let's just hope the Idols can sing just as good tonight!
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Wow I was impressed by Kimberly L. tonight. She was great. Not Reuben's best, but he was still the best (again). Along with Clay, as usual.
Will Carmen finally get voted off already!

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