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American Idol night!

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Just wish they hadn't put it on the same time as Gilmore Girls. The one show besides CSI and NYPD Blue that I actually watch and they put a compelling show like Idol on with it!
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D'oh! I completely forgot that American Idol was on tonight. How did everyone do? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Marine...hope he goes on.
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I only watched bits and pieces of it....I have no clue who anyone is though so I can't help.

It was ok......although I had a much better time watching auditions the first times!!!!

Doesn't it play tomorrow also???
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I watched it, and I liked the first and last girls who sang, Kimberly and Julia. They were the ones who were fighting in last week's show. They both had really good performances. Overall, I think all of them did very good. Simon's right about one thing, they definitely raised the bar this year.

Tomorrow night's show is telling which 2 of the 8 will go on to the final round.
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I only caught the end of it. . . seems the girls were way better than the guys, but I didn't see many full auditions. I liked the last girl too. Hopefully tomorrow they will let them sing briefly again so I can catch them all!

Definitely not as entertaining as the first episodes with the initial auditions though.
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Maybe it is just me but these kids don't seem to be giving it their all on these performances. They treat it more like a big party?
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Most of these kids seem to have major attitude! I liked the 1st and last performers and hope they move on - we will see tonight!
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What's with the ones who think they only need one name? Did anyone else notice that? At least 3 of the 8 were only going by one name, like they are cool enough to pull it off. And that one girl Meosha - Hello! You are not Moesha no matter how close you make your name.
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I am pulling for the Marine, also. I may be a little predjudice, but he is so adorable! The first time I saw him, I knew he was a Marine, just by the way he carried himself. There were several at the shop last night watching, but I was busy, and missed the whole show. There was some nonsense in the local paper about the Marine Corps keeping him in country just so he could compete. It seems to be good for morale, so what if they did?
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I can't believe Kimberly wasn't sent on to the next round! I'm sure she will be in the Wildcard Round. The top three were most definitely the right picks. Charles has an amazing voice, but as Simon would say, I don't know if he *looks* like the American Idol.
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I agree with the top 3, but was very suprised when Kimberley didn't go forward! She will definately be one of the wild cards!
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i'm glad it was Julia and not Kimberly, her catty behaviour in the beginning turned me right off.

nice voice though.
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New round...I have to agree with Simon, I was not all that impressed with the competition tonight overall. I think Ruben and Kimberly were the standouts and I will be very disappointed if they are not the top two.
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Tonight was the first time I've ever watched that show..usually there's a conflict with another show. Simon is a total jerk! I agreed with Paula and the other guy about the last girl, but Simon was just rude. The last girl wasn't that great, but I think the song had a lot to do with it...but she's not awful by any means. Simon made it out like she was horrible...what a way to hurt someone self esteem!
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I just love watching American Idol and all of the reality tv shows. Survivor is my favorite and it starts Thursday!
I thought the large black guy was the best tonight. He was genuine in his performance. I also think that the first little white guy with the big ears was great too. Sorry about the stereotyping, I can't remember thier names
I thought the heavy black girl went a little overboard when she went up to the judges at the end of her performance

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I really hope Ruben makes it to the next round!
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Except for Rueben, no one has even blown my socks off yet. How puzzling, you would think they would all be doing their very best instead of just skating through- and what some of the girls are wearing- yikes!
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Which one is Reuben?
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Ruben is the big black guy with the honey smooth voice. I think he could be the one. I hope so. I didn't care for his song choice tonight, but he did a great job of it. It was a Carpenter's song, very lame.
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What is the name of the bigger black girls? There are two of them and they have strong personalities and are very good at their singing. I know Simon is all about image and so I didn't think those two would get as far as they did, so, are they still in the game? I really hope one of them wins.
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Well, Kim Locke was in last night's group and did well, sang "Over the Rainbow". Frenchie Davis is the girl who sang "Band of Gold" with her in the group sing audition, but unfortunately Frenchie has been booted from the competition. She apparently worked for an adult web site 4 years ago, and that is something they don't like. Seems harsh to me, but I don't make the rules.
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"American Idol" Star Bounced
Frenchie fingered for faux kiddie porn pix

Evan Marriott's brief career as an underwear model wasn't a problem. And "Joe Millionaire" contestant Sarah Kozer's starring role in dozens of bondage and fetish films also was of no concern to Fox Television. But the network has bounced an "American Idol" contestant because the woman once posed nude for an Internet porn site.

Frenchie Davis, the 23-year-old singer canned by Fox, was a fan favorite and had been tabbed last week by Entertainment Weekly as one of the program's leading six contenders. According to a TSG source, Davis posed topless (and appeared to be masturbating) on "Daddy's Little Girls," a web site that purported to feature naked underage girls (which, of course, would be illegal). However, at the time she posed for these photos, Davis was over 18. The Washington, D.C. native has claimed that she took the topless gig to earn money so that she could re-enroll in Howard University, where she is a theater major. In a recent interview, when asked about the proudest moment of her life, Davis said, "Other than getting back in school after not having the money and not being there for a year," American Idol "has been the proudest moment 'cause I worked so hard."

All traces of Davis's involvement in "American Idol" have been stripped from Fox's web site, a banishment nearly as abrupt as the ones delivered by judge Simon Cowell. The network's decision to can Davis has been blasted by followers of the show who have been flooding fan sites with complaints. A typical beef--posted in an online petition calling for Davis's reinstatement--stated, "American Idol will no longer hold my interest if Frenchie Davis is gone. She was the voice and talent. Every other contestant is extremely(!) bland, boring and not the least bit intriguing. Give America what they want and bring Frenchie Davis back!"

With her brassy voice and large frame, Davis has drawn comparisons to Aretha Franklin. In describing Davis and fellow contestant Kimberley Locke, Entertainment Weekly wrote, "From the second these two bodacious beauties strutted their stuff on stage, all those navel-baring lightweights should have headed home."
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How sad, I was hoping she would bust the mold and win the competition. I wonder if she was blonde, beautiful and slim if they would of let her stay?
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How sad, I was hoping she would bust the mold and win the competition. I wonder if she was blonde, beautiful and slim if they would of let her stay?
I hate to be cynical, but they probably would have let her stay. Unfortunately in America plus-sized women (and men, too) are considered somewhat morally lacking (i.e. if they're that heavy, they have no self-control in any part of their lives).

Maybe what she did shows a lack of judgement, but a lot of American people do things in their younger years they may not have done later. Also, I know several people (men and women) who stripped to pay their way through college. Would I do that? No. But they saw it as the only way to achieve their goals.
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Can someone explain to me what the "wild card" is? I heard something about how the people who don't get voted on to the next round will have one more chance to get picked??

Again, for tonight: Go Ruben!!!
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If I remember correctly, the "wild card" is that the judges choose their 2 favorites that didn't get voted through by America.
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Thanks Christy, that is a good idea. Since they don't get to choose anymore. And the others can feel that they have one more chance at least.
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SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven't seen the show, don't read this post...

Woo hoo! Ruben and Kimberly are on to the next round! And Clay (I hope that's right) was the third. It's refreshing to see people voting on talent and not looks. Personally, I think Kimberly has the best voice thus far, and I hope she wins. It will be interesting to see who gets the wild card vote...
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Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Why oh why did I look at this thread BEFORE watching the show tonight?!! I'm on the west coast and it hasn't played here yet, but now I know the outcome!!

Oh well, my fault. Now I know better to wait until after I watch the show to check this thread each week on a show night!!!
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Big Kat,

SO SORRY. I should have put spoiler alerts before my post. Sorry if I ruined it for you...

Giving myself twenty lashes....
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