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Abby and Catnip

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My girl Abby absolutely loves catnip! But it's not enough that I put it on the floor and she eats it and rolls around in it. I also have to participate!

I have to pour a liberal amount on the carpet: about 3 Tablespoons! Abby then proceeds to lay in a sphynx-like position on her tummy, right on the catnip. If I leave her at that point she follows me around meowing like crazy After I have poured and she is in position I then have to pet her using my finger tips and firm pressure, from the top of her head down her back to the base of her tail. Of course once or twice isn't enough! I have to use both hands and do it in a rapid succesion so that when one hand has reached her tail the other is on her head so I am not losing contact with her body! After a few minutes of that she rolls onto her side and I have to do it again.

She doesn't eat the catnip. She will sniff it while she is in the sphynx position and I'm running my fingers up and down her back, and when she's on her side and I'm doing the same thing she is making cute chirping noises.

She's such an odd kitty and has several strange quirks
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My boyfriend's RB cat, Cato, loved 'nip. One time, we made the mistake of buying the fresh stuff - a live plant. Mind you, he was an elderly cat, very sweet, never lashed out, etc. - but one small whiff and he became a maniac - swatting at things that weren't there, clawing and biting us, staggering around like a drunk and then peeing on the floor ( on a small carpet remnant that was one of his places to sit/lie down.) OK - he was totally tripping! A bit much for a geriatric boy, so no more fresh after that.
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