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Daily Thread TGIF Nov 30!

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Morning cat friends!!

Well today, I should find out if I need rabies shots or not.. I really hope not!

I actually have no plans tonight and am kinda bummed..I want to hang out with my cousin..but not sure if he already has plans.

I had a dream last night that I was back in high school and had no was awful. I can't imagine having noone to eat lunch with in high school I'm glad my school days weren't really like that

Anyway, I get to cash my big fat bonus today!! I will be able to pay half of my loan off, and then it will be done in Feb instead of May And that still leaves me with Christmas paid for and a couple hundred for me to go shopping!

Have a lovely day folks!
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that's awesome! I love bonuses...I wonder if I get any?

I really hope that Dori wasn't rabid!!!

Not a whole lot going on here. Just in the process of well, progressing on that final paper (not much done other than the outline) and wedding planning.
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Morning!!!!. Christmas decs are going up at home tonght Going for lunch with my sister tomorrow as well and just for a browse around seeing as i'm all ready for Santa now
Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I had a dream last night that I was back in high school
I dreamt my mum and dad were still alive and in my house and that there was 2" of snow outside but there wasn't.
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Good morning, and its time for me to leave work WOOT...
i hope everything goes ok for you!!!!!
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Friday is a half day for me!

It's going to be cold and clear out and I'm gonna do a little shopping...

Have a great day everyone
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Last night I dreamed I got in a fight with one of my cousins. It's weird cause I haven't seen him in months and rarely really talk to him. But in my dream he was really mad at me and kept flushing all my things down the toilet.

I heard rumors at work that we usually get a Holiday bonus. Then again, that was with the old boss (i.e. the current boss' fathter). I doubt his son is so generous, but his mom is still alive and she might twist his arm a little.

Oh ho!!! I overslept. Must run to work.
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Well is another sunny and very cold day. In addition we are in a winter storm watch for Saturday and Sunday!!!

Trying to do some updates on my computer and get my dial-up connection speed problem resolved.

A freecycle lady is supposed to come over and pick up some pinecones for a cub scout project today plus I better get my containers for winter done before the snow hits.

Neil is playing cards tonite so I might go and rent some movies to watch.

That is all the excitement today for me.
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Morning All!

Well I Am up to my butt in snow this morning and from the looks of things there is no end in site.. Lots of cancellations and closures due to the weather.

Just came in from sweeping off my stairs and deck and I will say it certainly looks Christmasy out there.

Heading off to work for a bit.

The kitties are watching the snow Pixie in particular loves to watch it.

Everyone have a good one.
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Nice!!! I need a bonus like that!!!!!

I'm am VERY glad it's Friday. I've had about as much school as I can handle for the week. It's getting down to crunch time and all the teachers are realizing we haven't done, this or this or this yet Sorry for the teachers out there, but are they EVER organized enough to not crunch at the end of the year?!?
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So are ya rabid Nat?

Today stinks. I work 4-9PM. Then I work 8am-3:30PM tomorrow. I got no sleep I was worried about Cow & his surgery today. I need my 8 hours. So, I'm gonna be feeling crummy tomorrow.
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It is soooo windy outside. It keeps cutting my power and satellite off.

I have to work 3-9:30 tonight. Not really looking forward to that. I am really tired today, I'd rather just go back to bed than go to work.
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I finally started my training for the school district after nearly 2 month of being outta work and outta money it's a relief for the upcoming holidays. It's raining outside after many longs months of almost nothing, the desert could use some. I got all the doors and windows open because nothing is more calming to me than the sound of the rain. Luckily living in Az it's a warm enough rain to be able to do that.
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I haven't done much today except put up my Christmas lights and go to the store. It is really cold and I froze my bum off putting my lights up but it's worth it.
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afternoon to everyone!
I hope you not rabid my friend!:....

was a busy morning today... in fact just only came to see how are the things here!..

Nothing special for the weekend!...just some christmas shops and finish to put the christmas tree at home!...

have a nite night today my friends!
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Not sure if I'm rabid yet..he hasn't called If not by Monday, I will call him
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Not sure if I'm rabid yet..he hasn't called If not by Monday, I will call him
don´t think about it, spend a great weekend my friend1....
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