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desperate for a fix

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My 1 1/2 year old little girl has started knocking over soda cups. They are the ones that you get a fast food resturants and gas staions. We love fountain sodas but we can't set them down because she will knock them over.

How can I stop this? She knows it is wrong because she runs after she does it. She is ruining things.

I just don't know what to do, any suggestions would be greatly apperciated.
Thanks for any help.
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Hm, those already have lids so that won't help.

All you can do is keep track of your drinks and teach her to stay off of coffee/end tables. Put her down every time she gets up on the table, tell her no. If you make a big deal out of her tipping the cup she may see if as some sort of game to get your attention, so don't let it get that far.
Also, don't set your cup on the floor - that's cat territory and she'll see that as her's. Unattended items also become cat property, so keep your cup with you when you get up.

Does she try to chew on the straws or is she trying to rub on the cups?
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Can you stand the cups in a box of some kind so they can't tip over?
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I have been a lurker here for awhile but I figured I would finally register and participate!!
Your kitty more than likely is after the straw!! I have a few cats that will take any chance to steal the straw and proceed to chew on it and chase it around the kitchen floor. As to a resolution to the problem well I don't leave the cups around if I'm not there to watch!! LOL You could try leaving a cup on the table and when the kitten goes to it spray him/her with a water spray bottle, or try clapping your hands and saying "no" really loud and mean sounding. Good luck!!!
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Mummyof12 is right, it might be the straw. Those are powerful attractants. If you give them ones of their own that might reduce the temptation.
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I agree w/ the straw idea: my cats just love to chase straws around on the floor, so I usually let them have one to bat around.

There's probably not much you can do to keep your furbaby from knocking stuff over, besides putting it up out of reach where they can't get to it. Cats will be cats, and you have to "child-proof" your home just like you would w/ a kid..

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