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Scary drive home tonight....

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Now that I have clamed down enough to talk about it, I just wanted to say......

I am soooo glad to be home right now.

I left work tonight and started my drive home. It was snowing out but nothing drastic. After about 5 minutes, it picked up and I ended up in an area where there was an open field. The wind picked up and felt like it was pushing the van off the road. I slowed down to about 20kn/hr and then, in a matter of minutes, I was engulfed in what I believe was a snow squall or something like that.

I can honestly say I have never, ever felt fear like that. I went from visibility to none in seconds. I panicked and called hubby. He advised me to completely pull off the road (which I think I did). By that point I was crying because I was so scared...He told me to put my 4 ways on (which, for a minute, I had no idea what he was talking about). I stayed on the side of the road for 5 minutes (felt like hours). I had visions of being rear ended. Hubby asked where I was and although I could tell him what road, I had no perception as to where on that road I was.

Some of you know that I lost my mom in a car accident. She went out in a snow storm. The fear I felt for those 5 minutes while I was stopped, I never want to live again. I don't even think I can explain it and even if I tried, I'm not sure I'd make sense.

All I know is that yes...my life did flash before me. I honestly believed that was it. It was dark, windy and no-one could see where I was (this is what my brain was telling me...logic was: put the vehicle back into drive and go. I was frozen there)

I was never so happy to be home. Happy to hear my boys fight (well...almost) Happy to have to make supper. Happy to listen to hubby snore (he's doing that right now) and...Happy to be here right now posting this.

Life is too short to worry about the little things. I realised that in an instant, my fate could have been otherwise. I've heard about all of those 60 car pile-ups & the fatal endings. But it wasn't.

Have a great night everyone!

We should all just take a moment and be thankful that we have the time to sit and talk to one another, to vent, to joke and to just be there.

Life is great....we just need to stop, take a moment and realise
that fact.


I'm sorry if I end up sounding corny......I feel it too!

I just want to add that I am a very careful driver. And...I don't usually go out when it is bad. i was heading home and it went from ok to bad instantly....

The wise thing to do when you doubt the weather is to stay home. It's too risky out there.
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Wow Ghyslaine! I am glad you are okay! I have driven into those types of conditions in Alaska, and like you, I found myself paralyzed in fear.

I just want to say right here, right now, how grateful I am that you got home safely tonight!
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Oh, poor Ghys!!

I know what those squalls can feel like. Many times driving to our cottage we pass through an area that are famous for these squalls. They come up out of the blue and hit you dead on.

Very scary! I'm very glad your safe at home!

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Thanks guys...I actually thought people might laugh at me. I am still on the verge of tears and I don't know why. I made it here. I'm ok. That's all that matters. But, I really was terrified and it's almost like that feeling is still stuck in my gut....I appreciate your support. I'm so glad I can come here and get things off my chest. You can only get so much understanding from hubby before you get the "I told you......" (I think he was really relieved to see me pull in the driveway. Especially when I told him I did not know where I was.....)
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There's nothing funny about being in your situation. It's a good thing that you stopped and gave yourself a chance to calm down a little and let it clear a bit. I hope your nerves settle down soon.
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Where we lived in Alaska, our home was on top of this really steep hill. One winter night, I left to drive to the store, it had just started snowing, then we had what they call a flash freeze while I was in the store. As I was coming up the hill, I hit a patch of black ice, and the truck spun out and started sliding down the hill whipping and turning! I was so freaked, and didn't know that you don't hit your brakes.

Someone had stalled on the side of this hill a few days prior to this, so of course my suburban slammed into this parked car and then both car and truck slid down the hill to the bottom. I was so scared, and crying and couldn't move and finally someone walked up and tapped on the glass and they had to pull me out of the seat because I really couldn't move. I wasn't hurt, but man I was scared, and I had nightmares for weeks after. Mike bless his heart was more concerned for me than his wrecked truck.
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Oh Ghys,

I am so sorry you had such a bad drive home, but I am so happy that you made it and you are OK!

Driving in bad weather can be so frightening. We often get lake-effect snow squalls here in Cleveland during the winter. It can go from clear to no visibility in a minute. When this happens, I drive slow (even though there are some idiots who think it's like a summer afternoon).

Hugs to you!

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Hissy....that definately must have been a scary experience for you. I think it was some kind of fear like that. I froze. My first reaction was: I'm getting out of this van. How stupid of a reaction was that??? Where did I think I would go?? I was in the middle of nowwhere. Funny what thoughts go through our minds.

Sandie, what I thought people might laugh at was how my post goes on and on and on..... and I agree with you. If ever this happens to anyone, for heaven's sake, pull over somewhere safely, call someone (I am so thankful I have a cell phone) and stay in your vehicle!!!!

My nerves seem to be settling although I am not tired in the least!

Christy....thank you for your hugs.

The more I read here, the more I realise that this happens all the time! It was a first time for me so I guess living through a moment like that is probably scary the first time. Maybe next time I'll know what to expect.
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Ghys, I'm soooo glad you made it home safely!!!! You were worried about being involoved in an accident, but the cars behind you must have been forced to stop too.

In Minnesota we have something we call a white-out, which occurs when blizzard conditions go down to absolute 0 visibility. I'm not sure if that's the same thing as a snow squall.
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Lorie...I'm not sure what the difference is. Perhaps, blizzard like weather is expected and lasts longer?

This basically appeared out of nowhere and probably disappeared shortly after. Leaving no trace of what happened.

I was more afraid that the cars would not see me and not be smart enough to slow down in time....I did not see any for a while so I don't even think anyone was anywhere near me.
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Wow, Ghys, I am so glad that you are okay, you are right, we all need to stop and take a moment, for life is precious. You brought tears to my eyes when I read your words. I am a sensitive person and I care a lot about people like you.

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Ghys, I'm so happy you are OK!! I stopped breathing while I read your post, the panic was still there. No one is going to laugh at you - that's a SCARY situation! I'm so happy you are here to talk about it, vent and calm down with us. You are safe at home with your family, and online with your other family.
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Ghyslaine, if you're nerves are still biting at o, you should take a nice hot bath! Or a shower if you don't have a tub.

The more I read here, the more I realise that this happens all the time! It was a first time for me so I guess living through a moment like that is probably scary the first time. Maybe next time I'll know what to expect
Hissy, let's just hope it NEVER happens again. ok? Reading you guys experiences has been quite a scare, even for me just reading them!
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Oh my gosh after reading this thread I am so glad I moved to California!

It is so scary how so many of you have experienced these awful frightening dangerous road conditions while driving. That is just terrible. I'm glad everyone is safe now.
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This is why I hate snow!I have to be at work at 6 AM This morning it was 16 snowing like mad and I could;t get the windows to stay clear! This is why Ted & I carry cell phones. Thank God I haven;t had to use it yet. Lets hope none of us has to!! Drive slow & careful!!!!!
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Ghyslaine, Thank the Lord! I can only imagine your fear. I'm so grateful you're safe. I think the hot bath is a great idea--with bubbles and aroma therapy.
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Hi everyone...

Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

I have to say that the drive home tonight was much better! It was clear. I was still on edge a little but I guess driving in winter will always have some effect on me.

Boy...I wish I lived in California!!!! Big Kat...I so envy you!

Oh, I think you guys win! Tonight, I will soak in the tub Plus....I have new aroma's to try! Although I am leaning towards lavender....

Sherral....I wouldn't live without my cell phone. It was a God send and I'm sure it'll be useful again in the future.

Kellye...thanks for your kind words and thoughts. (((HUGS))) back at you. I care about you too!!!
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I just now read this! I am sorry Ghyslaine to hear you had such a scary ride home!!!! But I am so glad you made it home okay!!!! I am always terrified when I have to drive on bad roads...I think I make other drivers mad because I go so slow on bad roads, but I am not taking any chances with my life and I always figure if they are in a big hurry they can pass me.
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