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Green Pea and Duck

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I haven't been to Petco since the recall on Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea and have been buying their food from the clinic IVD , which I just spent 250.00 last week. 50.00 each case and 38.oo a bag..

Anyone feeding their cat the Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck?

I mean, if I have to keep spending $ on IVD I will.. but if I can run to Petco again like I use to for their food it'll be a lot easier..

Thanks a lot

Also, I notice that he still scratches like his eyes.. I have him on IVD Venison and Green Pea ,hmm..
He doesn't like the Lamb by IVD but my other 2 do..
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Ask the vet but the old venison formula was quite close to IVD s .... the % of protein is a bit low for me but
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Yeah, not many allergy formula foods to choose from, eh?

Think I should get a can of the duck to try?
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My crew is eating the canned Venison and Green Pea. The reaction has been mixed. Fluffy will barely touch it. The others eat it happily at times and at other times pick at it. The first time I served it they all ate enthusiastically, so their reaction to it has cooled with time. Picky kitties.

It would probably be worth a try for you. I hope your cats like it if you try it.
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All last winter I battled what I assumed was a food allergy with one of my cats. In fact, that's how I found this site, searching for help. She would scratch herself completly raw all around her face and neck. I can't even count the number of steroid shots & pills that she took. Finally after her last shot in July she has cleared up and is her old fat beautiful self. I fed her (and my other 2 cats) the NB Vennison & Green Pea wet & dry until the big recall. I finally found a clinic that I could buy the IVD V & GP from, but you are right, it was very expensive!! I have tried the new NB Duck & Green Pea dry & wet. They liked the dry and LOVE the wet. Now I am feeding the NB Ultra-Premium dry and they really do like it. I've also been rotating in Nutro Indoor Chicken & Rice wet. I still don't know if it was a food allergy, but I'm so glad to have her back to her old self. I also don't understand that if food allergies are so common in cats, why there aren't more allergy formula foods!
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I buy the venison & green pea just cause mine like it. The Duck & pea wasn't as big of a hit. The princess does not approve of the Duck that's for sure. Maggie has always been a picky eater, the boys for the most part would eat cardboard if I put it in their bowls, that doesn't include Jordan due to his illness.
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They loved it!

I bought the dry and wet Natural Balance Duck and green Pea.

YAY (hee hee)

Gizmo, glad to hear she's her ol' self again!

Thanks again
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