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dragging her butt?

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My kitten, Zoe, is about seven months old. She is very healthy, happy, and active. But at least once a day, she stands up and sort of pulls herself forward several steps with her front legs, dragging her butt and back legs behind her. It's not related to using her litter box and she doesn't seem to be in any pain--but it IS weird. I've gotten used to it, but when a friend came over the other day, she saw her do it and said, "You know that's not normal, right?" Does anyone else have a cat who does this? Do I need to be worried?
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It may have to do with her anal sacs ........ you can either express them yourself, which is really gross but can be done or you can take her to the vet and have her/him do it ........ it could also be parasites.
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Additional info ......

If your pet is scooting there has to be a reason. Look for feces stuck to the hair or the evidence of tapeworms or roundworms. If you find neither then it's time to have your veterinarian check the anal sacs. Anal sac problems are extremely common and can cause tremendous pain for your pet. Early treatment can save lots of money for and spare your pet of much discomfort.

Cats who do not feel well, do not usually show that they are in any kind of discomfort.
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I agree, either worms or anal sacs
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There is one third possiblity, it happens to my cat Sho sometimes. He'll occasionally eat one of my hairs.
Rule the other two out first and also make sure your kitten isn't eating anything odd.
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