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Two Questions..

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I've noticed that us peeps at TCS can have up to 20 "gifts" displayed in our profile when we make a post. What happens if you have more than 20 - where do they go? And which ones are displayed after you receive more than 20 - the newest or oldest ones??

Also, is it "illegal" to copy & paste the contents of an e-mail that you receive personally, if you want to share it with other members at TCS?? I've already broken the copyrighted photo rule: I sure don't want to break another..

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Hi there! I will answer your questions as best as I can..
the gifts
don't go anywhere if you have more than 20 gifts they just go in your profile but they don't disappear. like I think I have more than 20 gifts and you just look in your profile and there are all the gifts.

I think if you say you got this in an e-mail from a friend it is okay to post like jokes and stuff but they have to be appropiate.
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To view all of your gifts, you can go to the Quick Links -> My Profile and you will see all of your gifts.

Since it is hard to tell the original copyright, I'm not sure about posting. I will get more info on the official stand to your copyright question.
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I would say that if you're going to share an e-mail, your best bet is to get the permission of the originator of the e-mail (not necessarily the sender). If it's a forward (chain-e-mail), then I'd think it would be okay, as it's purpose is to be forwarded?
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