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Bone Cancer

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Hey everyone. Im ashley. i havnt been on her for a while but i really need some suport right now.

I have a 15 year old kitty whome ive had since i was just 3 years old. I noticed she was drooling excessively and she had a lump on her jaw line. My mother took her to the vet earlier and i was thinking (hoping) it was just an abcess and nothing more serious. Well shes got a tumor associated with bone cancer. This is VERY hard for me because not only have i had her since i was 3 but she was very attatched to my father and he died 6 years ago so mamacat sort of has that sentimental feal ya know? So anyway, once the cancer gets worse her jaw will eventually break . this is becasue the cancer is agressive and casues the bones to dissintergrate. I guess shes got anywehre between 1 month and a year to live. So all we do now is give her medicine and keep her comfortable.

Thanks for reading. If anyone has had experiences with this please tell me. i want a relitave idea of how long shes got lef tor what to expect.
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Ashley, I can't tell you how long Mamacat has with you, But I know that she will let you know when it is time. Look into her eyes and into your heart for that sign. Make her as comfortable as possible and give her as much love as possible.

Prayers for the both of you.
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I am so sorry you are going through this. I know what it feels like to loose a long time companion from childhood.

I have not experience with bone cancer in kitties, so no specific advice. Katachtig has said it all. Love your Mamacat everyday that you have her. The special bond between you will guide the days ahead.
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