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I love little kids

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My next door neighbours little boy is 14 months old, and such a sweetie! He's such a happy boy and he adores DH and I

I saw him just now, and as soon as he saw he came racing up to me as fast as his little legs can carry him with his arms up and a huge grin on his face for a hug

I picked him up and threw him in the air and he cackled and chuckled and happily sat in my arms for a while.

When I put him down someone walked by and said how cute he was and he immediately went and ran behind his dads legs until she left. It's nice to feel loved
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Aw that's so sweet! Kids can make you just feel so darn good!
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Aren't little kids great? I love that they haven't learned to lie about their feelings. It's so refreshing.

My favorite thing in the world is to hear my little nephew laugh uncontrollably when he is really excited. Like when I chase him around the house threatening to tickle him.

And a few weeks ago, I was feeling kind of depressed, thinking that no one really loved me... and then saw my nephew and at some point we were sitting in a little train together and he just sat as close to me as he possibly could, looked up to me and said "I love you."
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Awww, thats the best age! They are so cute, I love kids at that age
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That is so sweet!!
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