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Ugh! Back to the vet...

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Bastian is going back to the vet tomorrow. I found a little patch on the back of his head that is hairless, gray, and scaley - I'm afraid he might have ringworm. I have to work tomorrow, so Dh is going to drop Bastian off at the vet so they can do a culture, and I'll pick him up on my way home.

I have him confined to my bedroom right now away from the other cats, but how worried do I need to be about Dh and I catching it? I don't really have any unused rooms I could confine him to. If he does in fact have ringworm, is this contagious enough that I should think about confining him to an XL crate or something?

I'm thinking I should just pencil in a standing weekly appt at the vet's office. And also a regular funds transfer as well!
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Ughhhhhh. I don't have any experience with ringworm, just wanted to let you know I feel bad for you. I have done the circular door at the vets, not fun emotionally or financially.

that it is something very easy to fix and that you don't need to see the vet again for a good while!

PS. isn't it time for updated pictures of those little ones? They have to be growing like weeds and are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!
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Little Bastian spent the whole day at the vet (I had to work all day), and I hear he was charming everyone. The vet says it's possible that it is ringworm, but we will be waiting for a culture to grow to find out. In the meantime I have some ointment to apply to the spot.

He is up to 2.8lbs now (doubled from a couple weeks ago), so he's definitely growing, but he's still way too skinny. So I'll be continuing with the high-cal food for awhile.

Bastian and Griffin are both growing into adorable little fluff-butts, but I can't find my camera!!! I'm guessing one of my kids decided to do a photo shoot and did not put it where it belongs. I'll have to search some more this weekend.

Thanks for the reply, kittymonsters!
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my cat (persian) currently has ringworm, is on horribly strong medication, and im so scared for him! hopefully he will be ok, seems to be tolerating th meds ok. my vet said that topicals do not work on cats for ringworm, and that oral antifungals are needed. they are very expensive.. my cat is 4.5 mos old, and has been in the vet at least once a week since i got him. very angry!
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