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Removing adhesive from hair??

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I am not sure if this goes here or health. It is a sort of both issue.

My cat was spayed last week, and we had to wind up putting guaze over it and taping her all the way around the body with that really stickey fabric like adhesive backed stuff. It was about 4 inches wide.

We took the bandage off tonight and you guessed it, she has white stickey adhesive all over her hair.

CAN ONE USE ALCOHOL? Will that remove it? Will it hurt if alcohol gets on the cats skin?

Water and soap wont cut adhesive.

Need HELP!!!
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crisco shortening will work shirrell the lard not the oil. glop it on, let it sit for about 3 minutes then comb it gently out
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Yes, but NOTHING GREASY, I could not bathe the cat so then I have grease all over the new furniture.

Any NON GREASY ideas?
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I don't know I'd use alcohol if I were you. The incision is still pretty new and could really burn if the alcohol would get on it. I don't know of any other suggestions that are non-greasy...If I find some suggestions, I'll let ya know. Good luck and hope your kitty is doing better about the stitches!
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No, no, not on the stomach. On her sides and her back, could I use alcohol there? Like with cotton balls, if the slcohol got on the skin on her back or sides.

It is in her thick hair, not on her belly. The belly had guaze over it so not sticky there.
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You don't want to use alcohol because it is a drying agent and irritates the skin. Honestly shirrell, use the crisco, and wipe it off well, comb her out, and stick her in a room with no new furniture till it dries.
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But we are full time R.V.er's and the entire R.V. is brand new. My husband would kill me.

Why not alcohol just one time?

There has to be another way.
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Ok...I just searched the web and have found nothing. I thought for sure there would be something on there. The only thing I can think that might work is some cold cream or hand lotion or even conditioner for your hair? Maybe rub a dab of it into the fur to soften it and take a fine tooth comb to remove it. Then afterward you could take a towel and rub all the remaining cream or whatever until it's completely non greasy. Hand cream and conditioner isn't as greasy as cold cream...but yet maybe the greasiness is what removes the adhesive residue. I really don't know...I'm just throwing out some ideas in hopes that it might work. Good luck Hon...sorry about the confusion of where the adhesive was..My Bad!
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Thanks for trying. I too am searching for something on net. WD-40 works but also greasey.

I hate to cute her hair off.
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Is it just on the tips of the hair or is it all the way to the skin? If it's that close to the skin, you might have to cut it I'll keep trying to find something...I'm just curious about it and now I just have to find the answer. I hate it when I get that way!LOL!
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Yes, don't use alchohol. It's not going to take the sticky stuff off, and it's going to aggrivate her skin and make her cold. Just leave it be, and she will clean it off herself, it's not going to hurt her.
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I finally went to www.askjeeves.com
I found a few products that you can use to remove the residue from your skin, so I'm assuming that you could do the same for hair. The only other thing that I found was vaseline...but it's greasy, so we're back at square one. Sorry I couldn't help you much...I really gave it a good try though! If you find something that works, let me know...my curious mind needs to put at ease! LOL!
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Please don't use vaseline, it does cause breakdown of tissue if you should happen to get it on the skin and it stays there for awhile.
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Perhaps you could use peanut butter? I once got bubble gum in my hair (don't ask), but with peanut butter my friend was able to comb it out. Also, when I was a kid, my mom used it to get pine tar out of my hair (I liked to climb trees when I was a kid). It is somewhat greasy, but unless peanuts are bad for cats, it is something your cat can clean off of itself.
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I use peanut butter! It works!
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She would then lick off peanut butter? She is most picky eater only eating dry food, does not care for other foods. Maybe since she would think she was dirty she would lick it off.
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you could try baby oil. i wouldent use anything toxic.
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