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Senor cat with muscle problem

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Good holidays ladies and gents,

I was wondering if any of you have had to deal with a senor car(13) with muscle atorphee(spelling?) with front shoulders. Our oldest got into a fight and this time get bit in the bone area. Now his shoulder is very thin(no open wound and antibotics were given in time) with not much muscle left. I am looking to a food that is good for older cats that would help or even any type of natural vitamins.

Thank you

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HAS the cat seen a vet??

What food is the cat eating now ... brand and type??
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There is a nerve that runs over the scapula very superficially and innervates the muscles located there. If that nerve was damaged, the muscles the nerve innervated will atrophy and there is nothing you can do.

I would have the cat see a vet to make sure there isn't anything else going on...
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Our wonderful vet has already seen him. I took him when we first started seeing the limping going on. Two things we worried about where the infection that is caused by cat fights/bites. As we always keep a soft tissue antibotic in the house in case of fights.

Food we use is dry- Nutro and wet I been using either Wellness or Nature Balance. tho they seem to do better on Wellness.

This is a household of 5 cats. We did have 4 but since the last time I was on here but we picked up one more that seem to just been thrown out of the house after grandma died. Squirrel seems to have lived only in the "bathroom/bedroom" that I have seen in many homes for an elderly person(grandma/grandpa).

I know many of you do not believe in letting cats out of the house but our 5 can go in and out during the daytime. Squirrel will not go out at all, she is afraid of the outside.

The oldest Satin is my husband's baby and starting to show his age. After this last cat fight, we have been watching him closely. He still runs around the yard like no tomorrow but when walking or standing he still favors that leg.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and ideas. We are very much into making sure they are healthy and all of ours are fixed. At a sign of something we don't understand we have a nice vet who fits us in at anytime. And he is open on Saturdays!!

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well the nutro senior in max has jt support which might help...
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I wanted to thank everyone for your ideas. Sharky, I'm thinking of picking up a small bag and see if I cannot get him to eat that(without everyone else eating it)

As he has been off anibotics for 2 weeks now we have started to noticed that the shoulder is starting to fill back in slowly. He is not limping as much. So hopeful this means it missed the nerve and was just the anibotics messing with his system.

And he is eating more, as he is the fussly one and likes the Wellness soft better then any of the others.

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