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I'm either going to have to get Feliway

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Or scream. Whisper has decided that he hates me right now. Until he clings to me like I'm a life raft. After which he hates me.

Dozer's acting funny, and I'm pretty sure that all signs point towards the baby coming soon. But of course I'm due in two weeks, so we know it's going to be *soon* one way or the other.

I'm not holding out hope for Whisper being one of those "protective kitties" who loves the baby and wants to keep him/her safe. And I miss my cat a *lot*. He's been through some pretty hefty changes lately, and honestly he's coping with them quite well, but I really don't see any other option than the Feliway.

This *will* help with the transition with the baby coming, right?
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Hey, couldn't hurt!

I'm sure they are reacting to the changes you've been going through.

Try to let go of expectations at this tough time. We can't push the river. This transition will be over soon, and they will probably feel better.

Right now no one can settle into a routine when you know it will change soon!
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A cheaper option that works for me than "feliway" is something called "Rescue Remedy."

You can google it of course but basically it is Essence of Bach Flower in liquid drop form that you just put a few drops on your cats tongue a day.
Has worked WONDERFULLY for me and my kitty. Keeps him calm and non-aggressive.

Do your own research though, as I am not a vet so I cannot give medical advice with something you cat ingests.
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We have something like Rescue Remedy that I'm also going to try.

I agree with you Werebear -- I've given up on expectations with Whisper and am just letting him be himself. I know it's a tough time for him right now because he's the most closely bonded to *me* and that's going to be upsetting his system quite a lot right now with everything else going on.
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Many years ago when I was pregnant with my son I had a young adult neutered male cat. The last few months before my son was born I constantly carried the cat around and fussed over him (perhaps my mothering instinct kicking in).

After the birth I admit that I really didn't pay much attention to my cat and he was obviously jealous of my human baby. He would not even step into any room that the baby was in.

About 2 months or so after I had my son we moved into a larger home. The day after we moved in I couldn't find the cat and looked all over the house worried that he had gotten out. Finally I went to check on my son and found the cat in the crib asleep next to my baby. After that, the cat accepted my son. The cat was so good with my son and even when he was a toddler understood that he was to be nice. Even when my son pulled on his fur he never scratched or bit.

Maybe your cat knows that life is going to be "different" soon. It took my fur boy awhile to adjust to my human boy - but over the years they were best of friends.
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