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is the kitty box too small?

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Berach, my 4 month old kitten is getting HUGE. He's already almost 8lbs. and he's not fat at all, just a big kitty, muscular.

He's recently started "missing" the cat box. I've watched him do it... he gets in the box, scratches and hunkers down but the way he sits in the box sometimes his booty hangs over a little bit and he'll go on the floor instead! then he scratches in the box, kicking litter onto the floor. I'm pretty sure the box is too small for him now but I've started taking steps to train them to use the toilet (the box is on a stack of phone books right now next to the toilet) and don't really want to buy a bogger box since they won't be using it soon...

any suggestions? how can I get him to "turn around"?

btw, it isn't every time but it does happen almost once a day now that he's gotten bigger...

p.s. he is healthy... and has been to the vet as recently as last week, no other changes in behaviour at all.
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I would get him a large covered litter box - that way he really can't hang over the edge except in one spot!
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I disagree with a covered box - it seems to be a turnoff for a lot of cats, but I do think you should just get a larger one, training-in-progress or not, as even if you get him trained at some point, it may not be perfect either, and he may not always want to use it.
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yea... just don't wanna spend the money since hopefully they'll be using the toilet soon...

money's tight, holidays and such and they've had to go to the vet so often lately for stuff... well you get the picture...
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Try looking at a dollar store or using a storage container that's larger -high sides will help too. Surely there's something you can get for under $5.
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what a great idea, wings. I will try that!
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Sonic has the same problem, difference is that he's not a big cat, and my litterboxes are huge - I got a covered box and they both know how to use it ok - both went in and marked it as a toilet when I first got it - but it has remained unused since.

A feline behaviourist wrote about this something to the effect that their wild cat cousins sleep in caves but toilet in open space, and it's an important form of territorial marking - so it's going against their instinct to use a covered litter box (which keeps the scent contained) and while some may take to it, if given the choice of covered or open, many prefer open.

One thing that I did find helped a bit was changing litter, I was using a hard large-grained clay litter, changing to a softer finer litter has reduced the missed box incidents as he doesn't mind putting his paws in it as much. Another idea is to use a large flat tray or vinyl mat underneath the box, you can cover that with newspaper or similar which should help with the cleaning up of such accidents
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Interesting note Epona. I've not run into that problem. My guys will use it either way. But the deeper pan works out best
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Jack uses rubbermaids with holes cut in the side ($4.50)--he is a kitten and was making a mess with his digging. I really only keep the lids on when we have company and he doesn't mind at all.

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hm. interesting reading...

they do have a very fine kitty litter, I'm pretty sure that's not an issue. It's also never been a problem until now, he's getting so big.
I have to admit it's a little small for him...
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