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Kitten dental care

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My 6 and a half month old kittens have started the annoying habit of chewing on paper: regular paper, greeting cards, even cardboard boxes! This brought to mind a question regarding kittens losing teeth. Will their teeth fall out and new ones grow in like humans?

Also, what do you all recommend is the best dental care regiment for cats in general? Should I take them for "cleanings" or does the vet check their teeth during regular visits? If they do need cleanings, what is involved, how often is this needed, and how much will it cost?

Btw, if anyone has any tips for getting them to stop chewing on papers, etc. I'd appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!
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Lots of cats like to chew on paper. I think it must feel good to their teeth some how, especially if it was something important that you didn't need teeth holes in.

The canine teeth will fall out and be replaced. If they haven't lost them already, keep your eye out and look around on the carpet and around stuff they chew on. Maybe you'll find a baby tooth!

Your vet will check your cats teeth during check up. Preventative care includes brushing their teeth with a pet tooth paste or at least rubbing some on their teeth with your finger to help fight bacteria and tater build up. If you can get them used to it now, it will be easier for you later.
Cleaning depends on how the teeth look. And price depends on the cost of living in the area you live and the type of vet clinic. You could probably ask your vet about pricing and get tooth paste for your kittens the next time you're at the vet's office.

As for getting them to stop chewing on paper, it's up to you to pick up after yourself. Kittens are like toddlers, every will end up in their mouths at least once.
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I have two kittens around the same age as yours and they do the same thing. Yesterday I had to rewrite a grocery list they got and this morning I woke up to find a card on my bed (Evie looked at me like "look what I made you!") with tons of little hole punches. Just wanted to assure you that your kittens aren't the only ones!
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Yup, strange_wings has said it all.

Just wanted to chime in and agree with PIKate...kittens aren't the only ones who love to chew on paper. My kitten loves to chew on anything I'm working on and sometimes if I leave boxes around for a few days for them to hide in, I will find teeth marks on the edges. OH!!! And my adult male, Pico, LOVES to chew on my shoe straps. I've had to fix them twice. And it's my fault for leaving them out. I really try to put them away but once I get home, I remove my shoes at the door, turn off the alarm, put down my things, and go to get my shoes...during that time "CRUNCH CRUNCH" the straps are GONE! lovely...
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Thank you all for your advice!

I hear ya about putting things away right away. I try my best to do that, but even if I leave a greeting card from a friend up on the shelf, they "devour" it... I'll just have to get more creative, I guess.

My concern is when they play in cardboard boxes (I'll leave them out for the girls to play in) and they chew it, they look like they're EATING the little pieces of cardboard that they've broken off. I then take away the box for "no more fun." Will the cardboard hurt their system? I don't want them to eat stuff they shouldn't!

Also, about the toothbrush and paste for kitties. Can I get them at a pet store? Or do you use something like a child's toothbrush and water (no human toothpaste, I know)?

Thanks again!
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I made an "activity" box for my Forrest out of a medium sized heavy duty cardboard box and he really goes crazy perforating the edges around the holes I cut. This is his second box I've made - since he started ripping up and trying to eat the first. The cardboard in this one is VERY thick and heavy.

He's over 6 months old now - and has gotten most of his adult teeth already. He also likes to bite into his chew toys. They are rings with a mesh covering. He will also bite paper coming out of my printer and fax machine.

Your babies probably should not eat the pieces of cardboard that they break off...I can't think that this could be good for them. Try finding a really thick and heavy box to let them play in. They won't be able to break pieces off so easy.
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