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I’ve got a feral or stray cat living in our garage. The others are so accustomed to him being here that they don’t care a whit that he’s in there. Whenever I open the door and see him, though, he runs off to some place I can’t get…under the lawnmower, inside some old cupboards, wherever he can. I’ve tried to find him, but he’s small, fast, and I never can even catch a glimpse of him after he hides.

I wish I could keep him, I really do, but I have six other cats to feed and can’t afford a seventh. Is there any way to trap him without renting a feral cat trap? I could take the others inside too, if that helps. My mom said she’d let me bring him to one of the shelters here if I caught him. At any rate, I have to – there’s no way possible I can afford to feed a seventh hungry cat that needs to use litter and a shelter.

Thanks for any help you can give me!