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My cats think that they are being starved

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Honestly, I very rarely change my routine, I'm usually out of the door and back in the door at the same times every day. But this evening I had to go to a work function, and I knew I would miss their usual teatime. Fortunately Nate was on a late shift today, so he gave them their wet breakfast at the usual time, then gave them their dry 'middle meal' that they would normally have at around 6pm, just before he went to work after lunch.

So far today, the cats have had the exact same amount of food they would normally have had, just with one meal put down earlier than usual. Guess what, I bet they scoffed that dry within minutes because when I got home they were expecting another meal - they are pouting and wailing and climbing all over me fluttering their eyelashes.

Sorry boys, you are getting your evening meal at the same time as usual, Sonic you certainly don't need an extra meal, you are a podgy young man who is supposed to be watching his weight

Anyone else suffer similar woeful expressions of unhappiness if mealtimes have to be slightly rearranged?
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Mine aren't that bad but Cello thinks anytime someone enters the kitchen it's feeding time. He follows whoever into the kitchen and sits at his plate.

Connor gets annoyed when he doesn't eat on schedule. He likes to spray walls.

Now treats are a different story
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Dear Lord yes... you should see Scratch. He'll..... well..... let's just say I need medcial attention if he thinks he's given the shaft on meal times.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
Connor gets annoyed when he doesn't eat on schedule. He likes to spray walls.

My nose is a bit bunged up and I can't smell too well right now so I may not have noticed if anything untoward has happened, perhaps I should go check the walls to make sure there's not been a dirty protest.

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Ah, the out-of-time feeding. SHE'LL NEVER KNOW WE HAD IT.

Yep, it works that way around here as well. NEVER TRY TO OUTSMART A CAT. IT CANNOT BE DONE BY US DUMB HOOMANZ.

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I feed our cats on a cat tower, so the dogs wont get the kitty food. Around 6 every evening when anyone walks past the tower Mario will reach out and swat people till he gets his dinner.

Same thing for 8 in the morning. Nothing like trying to wake up walking throw the house and getting swatted in the head from a big brute like Mario.
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They did manage to con us into giving them 2 breakfasts once, I fed them and went to work and then when Nate got up they made hungry eyes at him and they got another portion each, Radar ended up being sick
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If you ask Carly, she will tell you that we never feed her (in spite of the fact that she is a little rotund).
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Our girls have their automatic feeder which dispenses dry food in the morning and evenings. I can't even remember how much and at what times anymore... But it means they never bug us for food
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I free feed Nikita dry food and the wet she always get just before I eat. I.e not on a regular schedule at all so she never bugs me for food.

However if I'm eating an evening meal she expects to be fed as well but that's ok. I started that feeding schedule because she used to be a complete pain trying to eat my food. I actually lost a bit of weight when I got her originally because it was such a pain eating around her. I usually have my dinner at some point between 6pm and 8:30pm
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Berach also thinks it's food time anytime anyone walks into the kitchen. It matters not that he just ate...

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dont you know, cats do not like changes , lol they punish you now.,
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