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Dog survives 4 days in freezer after being PTS

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I know the woman that is the whistleblower in this case and she is being hounded and ripped to shreds, please help and sign the petitions. Thank you much. This is an awful story as you will see.

Edited to improve the 2nd link as the article has fell off the home page.
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Oh my god! That is so horrible!!!
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I signed and wrote on behalf of ALL animals and all who care for them; sure hope all TCS members will take a few minutes out of their busy schedules and do their bit to help. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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OMG HOw well scary! I couldn't imagine opening a door and seeing something LIVE pop out!

Forgive me for not reading all the stories, but if in the first story this Jamie chick says she has the dog in hiding and hopes to find a home for Gabby, then why is there a petition to prevent Gabby's second round of euthasia tomorrow? Did I miss the article that said they'll hunt the dog down?
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Gabby is safe, that is all I know, but I will find out more details.

In the link to the Rushville Republican people are leaving horrible messages to that article. Her husband posted in her defense.

I have known this woman for 2-3 years, she is the real thing. Thank you all who have signed the petition.
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How horrible. How can anyone defend this man? He obviously isn't competent in his job. Some people just make me sick.
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There is NO excuse for this! That is irresponsibility on the part of the person who preformed the "euth" procedure! Any certified euth. tech should know better! You have to check EVERY animal for signs of a heart beat before disposing of their bodies.

The shelter i work for is a city shelter- so that means sometimes we have to make the unfortunate decision to pts animals due to aggression,illness,etc. That being said- very strict procedures must be followed- and the health dpt/etc checks in on us and other local shelter frequently to make sure all the shelters in our area are following guidelines.

The proper way to pts an animal (i'm refering specifically to dogs here, but cats too...) is to give them a sedative (ketaset, ace,etc) and then once the sedative kicks in, administer the euth. solution in the vein (in most cases, now sometimes if blood pressure is low, you use other means/etc). Once you've administered the solution- you always get the scope out and check for a heart beat- you only bag the animal and put them in a freezer when no heart beat can be found.

Now in a rare circumstance, i've heard of an occasional animal going into a coma as a result of the euthanazia solution and not actually passing on- so they will be mistakenly put in the freezer and survive(aweful, i know!). That can truely be an accident just depending. Having this happen 5 times at that shelter however is NOT an accident- they're not doing something correctly. My guess is they're not weighing the animals and getting an exact weight (necessary to administer the euthanazia solution properly).

Poor furbabies
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That's awful I've signed
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Petition signed.

I just can't imagine what this poor pup went through. I wonder what was wrong with her that they had her pts.

I hope she recovers to full health and is able to find a home. This is truly disgusting.
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There was NOTHING wrong with her. She is a highly adoptable puppy.
Jamie has posted pictures of that shelter when she was volunteering there before she got a paid position.
The conditions were DEPLORABLE, the filth of the kennels was the worst I have seen.
She has worked like a fiend cleaning up that awful place, having fund raisers, getting donations.
This guy just doesn't care.

Thank you all for continuing to sign the petition, the power of the internet and animal lovers is very important. I really don't want her to lose her job and the local people are hounding her bad.
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That is so sad!!!!! I wish there were other ways we could deal with animals rather than kill them We don't kill off children when there are too many of those do we!
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That's horrible! And so close to home... I only live about 30-40 minutes from there.
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Here is Jamie's latest correspondence to me (unedited)
The locals are after her, she needs help.

"They took my work computer so I only have time to get on after the kids are in bed. They are trying to throw me under a bus. Saying I'm lying. The vet who saw Gabby is a good ole boy who is making up paperwork. And they are trying to tell me if I don't tell them where gabby is at I'm not complying with the investigation. I informed them that she is no longer the property of the city and it's none of their damn business. Boy were they pissed at that. Paper work has come up missing and the meds Jack used are gone as well. But that's ok. Gabby is at a specialist getting blood work down and every other test we can think of. This far after the fact I don't know if it will show anything but we are trying.
Cindy was told I was also in Texas and Chicago this morning. Which is nice because the locals are after blood and without all of my outside friends I would be toast by now.
I promise I will come back to update tonight."
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This is absolutely disgusting! People are jailed for this cruelty, they show cases of death by cruelty on Animal Planet every day, and a shelter is responsible! Sickening!
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It makes you wonder what else they've been up to there?!
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i had a very hard time sifting thru all the he said, she said, stuff in those articles

it all muddles the relevant points

i have to ask, is this a city funded shelter? (it must be, to be so poorly run)

first off, it boggles my mind that the proper means were not made available to euthanize these animals: the right equipment, the proper training, etc

in this state, ONLY a vet can euthanize an animal. i know that is not true elsewhere.

if they are not going to have a vet do it, the very LEAST they could have done was to provide training on how it should be done

i strongly suspect that the freezer being used is not being kept cold enough, a properly frozen dead body does NOT smell of death, or anything else for that matter- its frozen stiff.

the shelter management has clearly failed to do their job correctly and responsibly

the money and equipment and training were not made available

quite probably, the shelter budget is such that they dont even keep the freezer at the correct temperature....

who said what about whom and when they said it-


all that crap is just diverting attention away from the problem at hand

hopefully people will be outraged enough to volunteer to help out, to raise funds and to not fight a city budget that might include tax hikes to provide a decent budget to run the shelter properly

incidentally it is not uncommon for city shelters to skimp on the euthan. solution, it is expensive.

my sister worked at a city shelter, there was no freezer, it was a small shelter, but they were located right near the city dump, as you will find many of the older shelters were
and the dead animals were taken out in a wheelbarrow to the dump.

many did walk back, esp the larger dogs, as they had not been properly euthanized

she saved as many as she could...........but there were just too many.


so sorry to hear that this crap still happens and that it apparently has a city's blessing.

(please note, i only skimmed the articles, so if i am incorrect about anything i said please do correct me, and let me know)

in any case, the main facts speak for themselves

properly euthanized animals do not get back up and properly frozen dead bodies do not smell.

makes me so sick!!

i hope the woman who was the whistle blower comes out of this ok. didn't sign anything as i doubt those things help.

going to the governor of the state, that might help

this situation needs something bigger and more powerful than city govt.

and it needs national attention, if thats possible

good luck to all involved in trying to help these poor animals!
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They have now relieved her of her duties and taken her shelter keys. Disgusting. Here is the latest correspondence I received.
I asked her WHY they want to know where Gabby is so bad. This is the reply

"They want a "local" vet to take a look at Gabby as she is part of an official investigation. The officer doesn't want an independent vet to do it because he doesn't want to have to chase them down. What they don't know is that Gabby has been to a specialist and has already had the blood work done and a full look over.

The real reason they want her is to put her down and say the dog never was or that she died for "unknown" reasons.

Just say a prayer for both of us. They are really coming down hard on me. They put me on leave until further notice and took away my shelter keys. I have no way to get any of my other animals to safety. I'm not to go anywhere shelter related unless I have a uniformed officer to escort me."(Quote)

So now the whistleblower who just cares about the animals is now the bad guy in all of this.
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Now, the Mayor has put the police dept in charge of the shelter. All adoptions have been stopped. A fund raiser for the shelter was forcibly cancelled by the mayor. Jamie was stopped from pulling some animals that a rescue was going to take.
The animals are suffering. This is hideous. When I get back from church I will post some more correspondence and try to get the Mayor's email address.
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Jamie even offered just to come in and clean kennels with a policeman guarding her if that made the mayor feel safer. She was refused.

I have seen pictures of the filth in that shelter before Jamie started there, you cannot even imagine.
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Email Mayor Robert M. Bridges at:

you can call his office at: 765-932-3735

There is a rally this Tuesday December 1st outside the mayor's office at 5:00 PM to rally for Jamie keeping her job. The mayor and city council is going to meet at 5:30 PM to decide Jamie's future.

She has been receiving threatening emails regarding the rally and telling her if the rally goes on as planned it will not bode well for her.

Please send an email to the Mayor and/or call his office and let him know how you feel.

Thank you, all of you.
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I do not understand why these people are being so horrible to her. She did the best thing for the animals welfare, she didn't harm anyone. These people after are obviousely not fit enough to be working with any animals if they care more about their reputations. If she hadn't of said anything more animals might have suffered.
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This all sounds like a huge citywide SCANDAL. I can't believe people would act this way to someone who's obviously a good person. I am so sorry to hear that Jamie is going through all of this. I am so far away and wish I could help, but please keep us posted. What a big bunch of scoundrels. If I were her I'd just want to move away and start my life over somewhere else.
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OMG! Can't believe that actually happened...those poor dogs!!
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There have been two rally's in defense of Jamie and Gabby to no avail.
The Mayor is waiting for this to blow over so he can fire Jamie.
Whistle blowes always get the shaft. She made the town look bad by coming out with this horrible situation.

Meanwhile the Mayor STILL will NOT allow any dogs to be pulled from the shelter. Is that sick or what?
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WOW, check this link out. Check out the messages at the bottom. Even the City Vet that is the Mayor's buddy posted.
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This is just sickening!!!!

That poor dog(and the others) just unreal.....
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Well they hung her out to dry. Why doesn't that surprise me?
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