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Yes I'm a klutz

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I went to the nearby antique mall today (hadn't been there since August) and picked up a glass jar for viewing. Wouldn't you know the cover slide off as I was taking it off the shelf and broke.
Good thing it was only $12. Yep had to buy it. Grrrrrr. but there was another booth that had glass covers and I found one to fit-and that was only 25 cents. So its not so bad.

Picked some other items (for me) too.
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That is exactly why I don't pick anything breakable up That's my greatest fear is to break something in the middle of the store
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Oh yes, I have done that before! I have to be extra careful around breakable items...thats why we don't have many breakables in our house, not just for the cats but for me too!
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LOL, poor Gail. It could have been worse though. I make sure my purse is NOT on my shoulder when I go in those places.....otherwise I'd spend a fortune on the stuff I broke!
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I hate how the little antique malls around here have everything so close together and sometimes have electrical cords running across the floor. It makes me paranoid that I'm going to trip -not that I need something to trip over, I'm clumsy enough as is.
And I rarely pick up breakable stuff in stores anymore, too. I have these weird spontaneous muscle spams in my right hand sometimes that causes me to drop or flip whatever is in it (happened yesterday and I ended up with food on my shirt, face, and in my hair).
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aww that stinks! sorry it broke
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Awww Gail, I can't say that I've ever done that! (Knock on wood!) But at least it wasn't something super expensive that you had to buy!
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I'm sorry about the breakage but I'm glad you're ok. After seeing the post title, I thought you had done something like smash another finger.
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Recently I was at Bloomingdales, feeling seriously out of place, I picked up a candle I wanted to smell, and without knowing, a little glass plate was under it and it stuck to the candle and fell to the ground and broke!!! It was 10 dollars. A worker rushed to me and asked me if I was alright, and I said yes and that I was sorry, and I didnt have to pay for it!
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