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Possible lost kitten...

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We had workmen over yesterday. They said it would take ONE day to complete the work (putting insulation under the house).
Yesterday we locked the kittens up... today we didnt... assuming these ppl were done.

Well guess what?!? They came over and now at least one of the kittens is under the house. It's a 1/2 basement. Im praying there are no ways to get outside from under there. I *think* it's underground for the most part...

I will update you, let you know what the deal is when I get home. Joey is under there now looking for the cat.
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I hope the kitten pops up soon. You guys must be worried sick.
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Here's some board magic...
Sending prayers and positive thoughts toward you and your kitten! I hope you find him very soon!!!
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Put a large empty cardboard box out near the opening, sprinkle some of your kitty litter around it and place some food into the box for the kitty.
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Well so far no Max. I am not even positive where he is. The workmen told my son he was under the house, came back up (probably a good 5' jump, not saying he couldn't do it but....) and then went back under the house.
However I saw SOMEONE went out my backdoor and Im praying that the cat did not go out the backdoor... I walked around the house and if he is under the basement I am 99% sure he couldnt get out the one small hole I found.
Im just scared he slipped out the backdoor... he's never been outside w/o being on his cat run I know it's probably silly to worry but I am very worried...
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he probably is in that very small hole- that would be the perfect place for him. Wait until around 3:00 a.m. and then slip outside and call to him softly. Chances are strong that he is hiding quite close and they come to you when the world is quiet and they feel safe. Good luck!
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If it was one of the 2 girls I wouldn't be so worried but poor Max is a big fraidy cat.... He does NOT like loud or odd/weird noises. And I know between my sister's side and mine, even when someone uses the bathroom it sounds different under the house... I can only imagine if he is under there he is petrified.
Im bummed he isnt coming when I call but there is appx 3000 sq feet under there. He could be anywhere....
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Oh...I hope he comes out! Poor little guy.

Take Hissy's advice. Trust me, she knows what she's talking about. So...set your alarm for 3am!
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He was under the house. Wet and scared.... poor little guy tomorrow we will make sure to lock all 3 up until we know those dingbats are finished!!!
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Sending positive energy that you find your little boy very soon! Hissy is our resident expert, her advice is very sound.
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Yay!!!!! Throw a dry towel in your dryer and let it cycle until it is good and warm and wrap him up in it and cuddle with him. I am so glad you found him!
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Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you found him! And I'm sure he's glad to be in your arms!

I love happy endings.
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Aww. I'm so glad he was under there after all.
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Wow, another thread that I didn't read until the saga was over, and luckily it ended well! So glad you found the poor little guy, and that he's back safe and sound inside the house!
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BIG sigh of relief!!!

ya don't realize how much you love your little guys until they turn up missing!!!
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I'm glad that your adorable baby is safe!
(Razpy sends a purr to Ms. Pepper-ann)
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