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Bloody urine mystery solved...and being resolved.

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I posted last weekend about coming home from vacation last Saturday to find this in my dd's bathtub:

Ever since that time, I've been playing pee detective to determine which of my 3 kitties is ill. I narrowed it down to Felix, as he is the oldest, a male, and tends to get "worked up" when we leave him for a few days.

I called the vet and they said unless they had a sample, they really could not proceed and knowing for SURE who was doing it would be good as well. Sooooo, I began furiously trying to collect urine from Felix all week.


Last night, my dd found more urine in her tub, this time only slightly tinged with blood. I was able to collect some with an eyedropper and put that in the fridge. Later last night, I saw Sheba coming out of my walk-in shower and when I took a peek, I saw urine flowing into the drain. It was poor little Sheba the whole time!!!!!


I got the urine into the vet's first thing this morning. A few minutes later I had a bottle of Clavamox for the infection. The best news: NO CRYSTALS! So, the mystery is solved and hopefully Sheba will be on the mend very soon. This certainly goes to show that a cat can be VERY ill and show no signs whatsoever. Her behavior has been totally normal all week and was last week for the pet sitter. I'm SO HAPPY she chose to show us she was sick by peeing in the tub.

Thanks for all your help!

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So happy to hear Sheba is feeling better! Hope she keeps doing well!
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great detective work!! so happy you found out who it was and that there are no crystals! lots of getter better quick vibes for Sheba
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Glad to hear the mystery is solved. Sheba is a smart girl to let you know too.

My Siamese Susie, many years ago, went in my bathroom sink and then stood there and kept calling to me until I went to see that she had blood in her urine.
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Aww bless her, I hope she is back to normal very soon. Sending good wishes.
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I'm so glad you found out who is was and now Sheba is getting help.
They are both beautiful BTW.
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I was so glad to see this update! I was wondering if you found the patient. It is always hard when you have to "stalk" multiple cat to find the culprit.

So glad Sheba is on the way to feeling better

They are both beautiful kitties! I just love how content Felix looks in his leave pile.
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I was wondering... thanks for the update.
that's a smart little kitten you have there
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Very smart girl I'm glad she's going to be on the mend...those are great . I love Felix in the leaves...he should be "Mr September" on a calendar.
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I'm glad you were able to find out and help your kitty. Love the pics.
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