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Mother-in-law leaving!!

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Ted;s mom is going to a nursing home,either is Friday or Monday! We found a really nice one,in the next state PA.only 1/2 hour away,It will be long distance so she can not call us,begging Ted to come get her. Ted has to get a job[been laid off since Sept.].She can not stay by herself.And she can not live here anymore she is trying to break up my marriage,Ted has finlly seen it,it took him a long time to catch on to what she has been doing,I guess he maybe did't want to belive she was capbile[sp] of doing this.But the other day she came right out and said I want you to leave Sherral and move up to a another town and live with me. He told her Hell no! I love my wife and I am not going to leave her now or later. Thats when he called his 2 brothers and said he was putting her in a home,where she can be with people her own age,they agreeed! I will have my house and husband back!!!
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I am happy for you Sherral, I know how it feels like having a mother in law like that - my MIL did the same thing to me and hubby. Good luck!
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Thank goodness, Sherral! I have been concerned for you. I'm glad she came out and said what she meant so Ted finally saw the light. I am praying it works out with the nursing home and that Ted finds a great job soon!
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Thank you. It will be nice after a year with her here to have my whole house back!
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only 6 more to go before I hit 200!!!
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That's good for you, Sherral. I, too had a MIL from hell. She died long after I had already divorced her son. I'm glad that your husband saw the light - MY ex never did.

It was good experience, though. I know how NOT to treat Samantha.
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You must be soooooo thrilled!! Good for you and now everyone can get their lives back in order!

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That's wonderful for you to be able to have your home and most important, your husband back!
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Sherral...I'm happy for you. I also hope she finds some happiness where she is going. Perhaps she will make friends and it'll be a happy transition for all.
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Well, perhaps after she leaves, peace between the two of you will be restored. Congrats on finding a good nursing home, sadly, good ones are quite scarce.
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Sherral - I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having! Thankfully, it sounds like some relief is at hand. It sounds perfect - close, but not too close. A good home (I sure hope it turns out that way!), where M-I-L will get the care and attention she needs - but not at your expense.

I'm very happy to hear this news!

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Sherral, I am glad to hear things seem to be working out for you and I hope your Mother-in-law will be happy at the nursing home, I am sure the ywill take good care of her. It is good that you will be getting your house back to normal again!
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