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Kit's newest thing

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So our roommate has been "cleaning her room" for the past two months or so. She is SUCH a pig (but I won't get into all of that now.) In any event, she's had her mattress propped up against the wall in the hallway for quite awhile, and Kit just discovered what fun it is to SCALE the darn thing last night

He managed to scale it all the way to the top (it's propped vertically), and he alternates between sleeping up there and just observing the world from it. Of course, I get the feeling he knows it's not mommy's favourite place for him to be, because every time I catch him up there, he leaps down to the floor! It makes me nervous because he's only about 4 months old... but he seems to have the technique down just fine!

I was coming out of the bathroom in the middle of the night last night, and he nearly gave me a heart attack by leaping down right in front of me

I'm hoping maybe after roommate sees him using it as his own personal kitty mountain, she may get the hint and move it back into her room....

yeah, right.
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Well, to my way of thinking, since she's taking her time about cleaning her room and leaving it out in the hall....it's only right that Kit should get to have his fun on it! The trouble will really start when she does decide to take it back and he misses his toy!!
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Everytime we prop our mattress up to clean under the bed, or for whatever other reason, the cats love to play on it. They always look so sad when we take it away, lol.
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