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I don't get it

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I apologize in advance for this being so long.

We found Spooky Bear in our barn last October. There were two kittens huddled in the corner of the barn when John's dad went out to feed horses. The first kitten (who has since passed away) was pretty easy to catch. Spooky Bear was not as easy... it took us an hour because he kept running away and hiding under things. We finally did catch him though and took him inside. It was very cold out and we never did see a momma cat.

Spooky was around 5 weeks old or so. He was really skittish and hissy but it didn't take very long for him to come around. We could pet him and play with him and he loved attention. When he got a little bigger, he figured out that he could escape from our bedroom and go climbing around in the ceiling and get down on the steps and explore the rest of the basement. We would try to block his exit routes but he just found new ones. He would come and "visit" for awhile for play and petting and would snuggle for a little while and then would go back to exploring.

Then he just gradually stopped asking for petting and started to run away when we approached him. Now he's approximately 14 months old, and we cannot touch him. He's just recently decided to start sleeping on us again. I had a cold and a fever a couple months ago and he layed on me the night I had a fever and I woke up and was better. We figured he must have known I was sick and that's why he layed on me.

Now, he wants to sleep on one of us all the time. Since Spooky layed on me while I was sick, John now thinks that the person he chooses to lay on must be sick.

But here's the part I don't understand... Spooky has to be sleeping on us, but we still cannot touch him. If we lay our hand on him, he gives us a very offended look and runs away... but comes back a minute later to go back to sleep.

Why does he want to be with us but won't let us touch him? He has NEVER been abused in any way, and it couldn't just be the movement of our hands toward him because even if we touch him while he's sound asleep or looking in another direction he still runs away at the slightest touch.

Any ideas what may be going through his head? I miss being able to pet him!
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I have a feeling he hasn't been neutered, and that makes a big difference to how he reacts to his surroundings as he will look at everything and everyone from a 'tom's' perspective, rather than a pet's. Get him neutered asap and then give him a month for it to 'take', hopefully you'll notice a change in his behaviour. A cat that's outside all the time (is he?) will find indoor smells very different as well, so after his surgery, consider keeping him indoors for good (and for all the safety reasons as well).
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I have a feeling he hasn't been neutered
He is neutered.

A cat that's outside all the time (is he?) will find indoor smells very different as well, so after his surgery, consider keeping him indoors for good (and for all the safety reasons as well).
He has not been outdoors since the day we found him in the barn. He is 100% indoors at all times.
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Who knows what goes on in their little minds!

I know a cat that was the same way - but she was abused (almost set on fire) by kids as a kitten. She could NEVER be touched. She lived in the house her entire life and could not be caught to even be spayed (tho she never really came into heat either).

She would come to you, sit on your feet, but as soon as she saw your hands - she would disappear. The weird thing was her 2 brothers (also abused) were loving cats after a few years.
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I know a few stories of people who have cats that dont like hands, but do like feet. Maybe try rubbing him with your toes/feet (if he'll let you) until he gets used to being touched again?
Other than that... any chance your touching him might be hurting him? Is he healthy? If he's unhealthy he might have tender insides that you irritate when you stroke him.
Dont you just wish cats could talk sometimes!!! Good luck, I hope you find an answer xx
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What happens if you just put out a finger for him to either rub with his cheek or his head? That's a good way to start - how I started with Elsa. One other weird thing about her was that she started biting when I would touch her or pick her up, and it turned out she had MULTIPLE ovarian cysts, and she was in pain from them.
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Gabriel's that way, too. HE'LL come to YOU and will let you pet him when HE wants it, but if YOU go to HIM, he'll run off every time.. I've had him since he was a kitten (he was adopted from the animal shelter) and as far as I know, he hasn't been abused - unless he was before I got him..

He knows we're not going to hurt him, but he still runs whenever you reach down to pet him..

Who can figure out the mind of a cat?!

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