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Water intake question...

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I havn't been around in awhile... I've been very busy. We got a dog

I have a question hopefully you guys will be able to help me with. I'm having trouble housetraining the dog, and am looking at restricting her water intake (only giving her water at certain times during the day). The problem with this is the cats.

They're used to having access to water anytime they want, and do drink a fair amount in spite of their diet (raw, with Nya on prescription canned at the moment). I can't put water up high for them out of the dogs reach, as they don't jump (Buddy can climb but not jump due to his bad hips and Nya has never been a jumper. I'd rather not encourage her to learn). Would it be bad to restrict their water intake as well? Do you think they're potentially getting enough moisture in their diet that I don't have to worry about it, or should I be thinking creatively to find a way to leave water available to them at all times, inspite of the dog?

Thanks guys, I appreciate it
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How big is the dog? Can you set up a safe space for the cats, like a closet with a door that can be opened just wide enough for the cats, that only they can get to? Not only would this help them have access to water, but it might make the dog less threatening if they can get away if they choose.
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I babysat for a family who wanted to keep their young children out of their cats food water and litter box--they took a baby gate and placed it in the door way to the room with the cat stuff but instead of putting it right onto the floor they left a space under it large enough for the cats to get through but not the kids (I would say about 6-8 inches off the ground). I don't know how big your dog is so this may or may not work for you--but I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Good luck

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