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Strange thing happened.

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Hi all!

Morning. Time to wake up. Givi was sleeping somewhere near me. He woke up, started meowing (usually that means 'FEEEEEEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!'), i put some food into his bowl. He didn't eat and started to play with me, demanding 100% concentration on him. I played with him a little but had to stop because i had to go to the work. he went to the bathroom and pooped. came back and started to play again. he was jumping on his carrier box (i bought a new soft one), he usually plays like that. What happened next completely knocked me out. he jumped on it and...peed! like u kno, like its a common thing, like its okay to pee in the room on the carrier box, he just did it!! i was shocked bcuz he never did things like this, and u kno, that was in the middle of the game and i dont understand why that happened! can anyone explain it to me? your opinion is highly appreciated
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How old is he? He looks like a kitten or at least a younger cat in your sig (right picture is so cute ) -if he's not the larger ears are throwing me off a bit. Sometimes kittens will get preoccupied and play and suddenly remember "oops, I have to pee". His carrier would smell like him, so maybe he thought that was an ok spot?

Watch him just in case, if he does it again it might be best to have a vet make sure it's not a UTI.

In the mean time, maybe an extra litter box will help keep that from happening again.
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