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question on pregnant cat

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for those that have other cats in the home. how did you go about feeding your preg. cat kitten food with out all the others eating it too???? I have 3 other cats and one is overweight as it is because she is old and LAZY!!!! I free feed dry food so my preg. one grazes all day. I don't want to have to start locking her up all the time now so any ideas on how I can feed her kitten food with out the others eating it too???? Maybe just lock her up for an hour here and there so she can get some then????

right now she sleeps and when she wakes up she goes and eats some, then sleeps some more.... LOL
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My pregnant cats were feed in a large cage (which also would be the kittening area too). So the other cats would never have access to the pregnant cat's food.

If you have a separate room, you may have to feed her in there and not let others in/out till she is finished.
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ok thanks. they are free fed dry so she seems to nap wake up nibble, nap wake up nibble. LOL But think I will take and put her in a room by herself with the kitten food a couple times a day and let her nibble at that to get the extra stuff then. and eat the reg. food at other times. about 2 weeks before I am putting her in my room which is kitten proof and the only room in the house that is warm and away from the kids.... LOL and no she can't get under my bed or in drawers etc so only has the floor, the box that will be set up or my bed (eeks) to have them on. LOL so very safe.
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I had the same issue. My overweight cat was on diet food so much preferred the kitten food! I put it in another room and she was caught down there by the pregnant one and chased away. (They don't get along at the moment!) I now have the door closed since the kittens are down there too. Mom won't let any other animal anywhere near there. Good luck.
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you normally start them on kitten food at around the last 2 weeks of pregnancy so they dont put on to much weight along with the pregnancy weight, and by that time i always make sure they are confined to there own room etc, the hardest part is when the kittens no longer need to be contained to just one room once there old enough , then you have the problem with the other cats eating there food lol.
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thanks. she will be in her own room the last 2 weeks or so. glad to know that is when you do that.... yeah it will be hard once the babies are running around the house. heeheee will figure that out once we get there I guess.
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Ok I am really going nuts here....... I am thinking she would be around 38-41 days or so now and while she looks a bit rounder she still isn't really big but her nipples are HUGE and she is very bald around the bottom 2..... and starting to be around the 2nd set..... maybe just a small litter????/ she had what I believe was a false preg. before and while her nipples got a bit pink and a tad bigger they never got bald and NOTHING compared to the size they are now...... so thinking that isnt' the case this time..... guess I see in a week or so on if she is even bigger........
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