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Hey...Where's LDG????

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Okay Laurie....where are you????? Did I miss a thread that would explain a whole day's worth of absence????

I need a Laurie fix.

Post anything!!!
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Originally posted by LDG
It is sooooo cold here.
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good enough?!?!

(gosh woman.... get a hold of yourself!)
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Sorry Lhezza....sometimes I just can't help myself!

So....it's cold where she is huh??? Well...it kind of narrows down where she isn't :LOL:
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LOL Ghyslaine! Yes, I can attest that Laurie is probably not there!
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HI! I miss TCS too!!!!! I'm so glad you noticed my absense - really makes me feel good! Hubby caught pneumonia and strep throat. We just knew he was sick. We tried to get things taken care of Monday, but with the Doctor's strike in NJ, it was difficult. We ended up going to the hospital yesterday, and were stuck there all day. We got back late last night, and he's tied down to that bed. (It's so hard to keep him there!!!!!)

In the meantime, we've got a customer with a problem with the SEC - not major, but requiring a lot of work on our part. I've got a 1:00pm deadline, and then we have to take off for the Doc's again at 2:00. I have no idea when we'll be back or if I'll get a chance to log on again today.

I sure hope tomorrow I get a least a couple of hours - I'm not used to not being around at all!!!!


Lizza - you must have missed the heat wave we had here! It was in the 50s Monday, the 40s yesterday - and we're back down to the 30s today. I think is supposed to be just teens again tomorrow.

...and OH! I totally forgot! I couldn't log on yesterday early AM when I was around because our electricity was out. When we got back last night, the clocks were blinking - so we could see the electricity was out for 7 hours! I still don't know what happened.
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Great to have you back......

Ghyslaine was having major withdrawals!!!
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Laurie, Perhaps you got the windstorm that hit Ohio and PA last night. It dropped our temperature drastically in just a few hours. Here's a prayer for Gary! Sit on him, if necessary. You know, if a kitten decided to take a nap on his abdomen, he wouldn't dare move, would he? Hmmmm..... a bit of eau de catnippe on the p.j.s might do it.
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I am so glad that you are okay Laurie, I did notice your absence and had some Laurie withdrawal like Ghyslaine did! Welcome back!
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Good to see your face again! It seems like forever when one of our "regulars" goes missing for a day.

Positive energy going to Gary. I agree with Jeanie. Just put Spooky-girl on him and he'll have to stay in bed.
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*whew*......I'll be better now!!!!!

I've had my fix for the day!

Glad to see you back.

Hoep Gary gets better quick. Pneumonia AND strep... yikes...that's a double doozy.
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Yikes, Laurie! Hope Gary is on the mend.

Nice to hear from you.
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Well, at least he's taking his medicine. THAT is an accomplishment in and of itself. He broke loose from the ties, however, so I had to clobber him with a mallet this morning. It must have worked, because I'm ACTUALLY starting to get caught up a little bit on things around here! Lazlo's pic was done by Nenners - and it's GREAT! KC65 got her cat back (WOW!), Myste's an Alpha cat, and Tamme hit 400 already! OK - gotta keep going!
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I hope it was one of those rubber mallets!
I hope he feels better REALLY soon!!!!!!! Hurry up and get better Gary!!!!!!!
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