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Question of the Day - November 29th

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Today we have a question courtesy of EnzoLeya!!

What is your grandmothers name?

I'm going to expand it a little and ask what your grandfather's name is too

on my mom's side, my grandparents are Mary and Kenneth, on my Dad's it's Edna and Joseph
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Mother's side - Manuel and Jennie
Father's side - Albert and Marie
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Mom's- Inez and William
Dad's- Rose and James
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Well, that's different!!

Mom's - Earl and Eva
Dad's - George and Nell
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Mother's side: Harold and Beulah (both deceased)

Father's side: Walter (deceased) and Edna
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Mothers side: Jack & Charlotte
Fathers side: Fred (deceased) & Joyce (decreased)
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Farhers side Virginia and Bradford both deceased
Mothers Side Lawrence (deceased) and Mable who will be 98 this Jan!
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hmm it must be a old timer thing, they are both named grand.
only there second is different.
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Boths RIP..

Mom´s: Mary

Dad´s: Albina

Great question!
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
Well, that's different!!

Mom's - Earl and Eva
Dad's - George and Nell
My Mothers parents were Earl and Eva, too.

Mom: Earl and Eva
Father: Dyce and Sada
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Mom's side: George and Emma
Dad's side: Patrick and Dorothy
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Moms side - Jimmy and Leona (my step grandmother) and Carolynn (my real grandmother)

Fathers side - Bill (deceased) and Shelbie
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Mom's side: Helen and Joseph (deceased for quite some time 1984? and 1976)
Dad's side: Paul & Anna (?) she died when dad was young and he remarried: he died around 1961-ish.
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Fathers side - Floyd and Leola (both are deceased)
Mothers side - Ronald (deceased) and Elfriede. I also had a step-grandpa named Wilbert, but he is deceased now as well.
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Father's side-Thomas & Ilda (or Ialda).
Mother's side- Ralph & Edna
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Father's side - Fidelia & Jose
Mother's side - Sabina & Manuel
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I love all the older generation names!

Mother's : Lera and George (deceased)
Father's : Mamie and Elmore (both deceased)
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All of my grandparents are deceased, and I do not know my paternal grandparents' names.

But my mother's parents were Albert (Abe) and Minnie
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Horay my question!

Mom's side= Marie and Gene
Dad's side = Bill and Marge/Sandy, Marge was the first wife, my blood grandma....but she's crazy
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Dad's were - Cornelius Adrian (he went by Adrian) and Jessie Mae
Mom's were - Benjamin Harrison and Ella (perhaps Luella, but she went by Ella.)
When Ella died, Ben married Myrtle Florence (my stepgrandmother).

I can name the great and great great grandparents, too.
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Moms side Betty and Virgil. Dads side Martha Rose and Roy(both deceased).
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Mom's side: Eva and Augusta
Dad's side: Helen and Gerardo
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Mom's side - Eva Doreen (goes by Doreen) & James Douglas (goes by Doug)
Dad's side - Eileen & Robert (went by Bob)
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I only ever met one of my grandparents and she passed away along time ago now but, if I can remember

Mums side: Georgina and Patrick.

Dads side: Elsie and Ernie.
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Hey, what a great idea for a thread!

Well, my dads side was Vivian and Elmer..........
Mom's was Elizabeth and John.........
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Both of my grandmothers were Susanna..I have a Petere grandfather and I forget the other one
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Mum's: Sarah (Sal) and James (I think -- I was little when he died)
Dad's: Dorothy and Harry

All many years deceased
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Mom - Jean and Bob
Dad - Mary and Don (RIP)
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My moms side its Linda and Larry

My dads side its Karen and Dave
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Wow, everyone's grandparents names sound so typically "grandparent-like"

Mum's side - June and Ray
Dad's side - Mavis and Derek
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