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What are your cats afraid of?

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What are your cats most afraid of?

Beauty's scared of the hoover, my brother (sometimes), birds and she's wary of the computer.
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No much, they live a pretty laid back indoor life.

Tilli used to be scared of strangers, fire works etc, but now he won't stop harassing our guests and couldn't care less about New Year's eve.

Wait, Milla and Tilli seem both pretty scared of my new diet regime for them. Those gready little grease balls.
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They aren't really scared of much, except Spooky Bear who will run from everything. The only thing I've found that scares some of them is a stuffed duck that quacks when you push a button. Taco, Garfield and Captain Squishy are especially afraid of it, the others are just cautious... except Woodward who doesn't care LOL.
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Riley isn't afraid of people, dogs, the vacuum, anything, except......

This cat wand toy http://www.arcatapet.com/fullsize/4419.jpg

He has several wand feather toys that he loves but for some reason he runs from this one!
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Blossom only seems wary of sudden loud noises. She'll stand tall, stretch her neck to get a better look.
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Tippy is not afraid of anything except being in the car.

Belle on the other hand, is afraid of so much: strangers, the vacuum, noises, etc etc etc
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My kitty is so laid back that nothing really scares her except thunder!
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Chynna isn't afraid of anything, including the vacuum cleaner. She actually loves the vacuum cleaner and loves to be vacuumed

Abby on the other hand is afraid of pretty much everything. She's afraid of Chynna, loud noises, one of the wand toys, toys that make noise, most people and especially the vacuum cleaner.
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The vacuum comes out....Zoe goes for cover! Even before I turn it on.
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Just the vaccuum - they don't care about much of anything else!
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The vaccum!!
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Pixie's scared to death that she won't get her nightly treat. I think she's more irritated by the sound of the vacuum than she is actually afraid of it.
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Beauty is afraid of your computer....

I'm sort of mean to Enzo.... I found out that he's afraid of anything that vrooms.....so if I make a vaccume noise and wave a kitty treat at him he will hiss and run away

Stuart....Hmmm he used to be afraid of a lot of things because he was an outside kitten. He's not afraid of much anymore.

Leya....she isn't afraid of one thing in the world! If a dog comes into our house she will chase it down and make sure it knows she's the boss. Once she went blind that was the end of being afriad of anything. It's pretty cool to say "My blind cat has more guts than your big dog!"
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Maggie is afraid of everything! Loud noises and quick movements scare her. The vacuum terrifies her and causes her to hide for hours. Strangers never see her because she hides. The doorbell ringing makes her run for the basement and hide in the false ceiling. Really, the only thing she isn't afraid of is me!

Lola is my greeter. She's not afraid of much at all. The doorbell will make her run into the kitchen, but she watches the front door and runs to greet whoever comes through it. She'll leave the room that the vacuum is running in, but not really as if it frightens her...more like she doesn't care for the loud noise.

Cleo isn't afraid of anything. If she's outside on her leash, she will start to head for the house if she hears a loud noise, but that's about it.
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Nikita is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. She also really doesn't like my cellphone ringing or the door bell or the landline phone.

I think it's because I always react to those, jump up and do something so she's picked up on that and has 'learnt' that they're scary.

Apart from that she's not a scaredy cat at all, good with strangers, fireworks don't bother her and she's ok in a car as well etc.
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Bingley is afraid of quick movements, the doorbell, the vacuum. He used to be fearful of visitors, but since Pippin moved in Bingley is slowly becoming more social.

Pippin isn't afraid of anything... except earthquakes. We had one October 30 and Pippin stayed under the bed for 2.5 hours. Poor thing. Bingley was shaking on top of the bed, but was fine within a half hour or so.
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The vacuum, all three cats just disappear at the sight of it.
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Both my cats are afraid of Evil Mr. Vacuum and run whenever they hear me bring it out of the closet

Lilly has now taught Forrest that when the gardener comes with his lawn mowers and leaf blowers that he needs to hide with her. He used to like to sit and watch them work...but now I guess she's taught him to be afraid.

Both cats are people friendly and are not afraid of anything else.
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Definetely the vacuum. He runs down the other end of the house and hides on a bed till it goes away. Loud or sudden noises/movements (ie garbage bags/foil/stomping towards him etc)

He's been more scared than other cats since we got him. He already had a previous owner before being returned to the RSPCA at only 16 weeks. They probably didn't introduce him properly
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April Joy is not only afraid of thunder, she is afraid of a little bit of rain too. She hides when the vacuum cleaner is on but comes back out once it is off. She's afraid of people, especially men.

Christopher Cody is terrified of the vacuum cleaner so I started using one of those sweeper kinds without a motor. He's usually a very laid back kitty but vacuum cleaners make him literally bounce off the walls.

Midnight Sun is afraid of people......for about one minute, then he's all over them
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I haven't come across anything that scares Tora yet. Mi-ke's afraid of people she doesn't know, especially knocks on the door.
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All three of my cats don't like loud noises. Sassy is nervous of people he doesn't know. Both Linus and Pixie hate the vacumn.
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Originally Posted by rescuecatsrule View Post
What are your cats most afraid of?

Beauty's scared of the hoover, my brother (sometimes), birds and she's wary of the computer.
My kitten seemed to surprise my daughter's cat by coming from the back and then the side. The cat hissed and then swatted the kitten. The kitten cried.
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damian isn't afraid of anything
max is afraid of loud noises, unless it's me clapping or yelling at him because he is being naughty! he is terrified of strangers.
millie isn't afraid of anything.
sophie is afraid of fast movement, noise, the cat carrier and of me putting on my pants
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The vacuum!
Spunky is afraid of this stuffed reindeer. One of his first Christmas' he was trying to climb the tree. We had the reindeer at the tree. Mom picked it up and started to growl. He is still afraid of that thing. LoL
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Mine aren't afraid of anything that I've found yet.
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Widget is afraid of everything.

EVERYTHING. Heaven forbid he spooks himself while eating or drinking. I have to move his bowls to a different part of the house or he won't eat/drink out of them again.
Widget is NOT afraid of strangers though, he will come out and sniff everyone. He's not one to be petted but I loves to sniff and scent mark.

Pixel is not afraid of much.

Except people. She's very people shy. Go figure! Except her "people" that is. She sticks to me or her "daddy" (my husband hehe) like VELCRO.
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Maverick, Winchester, & Gabriel are all afraid of thunderstorms. Geronimo & Spencer could care less: I think Spencer's not afraid of them b/c he used to be an outdoor cat before we rescued him from the Wal-Mart parking lot.. I'm surprised that Winchester's afraid of them now too, b/c he was an outdoor cat at one time and used to play outside in them.. I guess he's just turned into a big wuss, now..

They're ALL afraid of vacuum cleaners, and any sudden, loud noise (such as a firecracker), and will run and hide every time..

Geronimo's afraid of plastic bags: I have no idea why! He'll take off running if you so much as shake a plastic bag.. This kind of surprises me, considering what a bully he is..

They'll also run & hide whenever someone comes over to visit.. Except for Winchester - he'll pester anyone who's here for some lovin'

But the one thing they're all afraid of the MOST is the cat carrier, b/c they associate THAT w/ the vet!

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fiona LOVES the vacuume and trys playing with it. she likes my parrot casper, like my roomate's bunny. she likes people. she doesnt give me a hard time if she needs a bath

BUT last week we saw our first dog ever. that was scary! i have never seen her tail so poofy and she had a ridge up her back about 2 inches high just looking at the dog!
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Chloe: running water (except sometimes she likes to drink from the bathroom sink, other times it freaks her out, lol), the washing machine, vacuums.

Mattie: most toys seem to scare her a little.
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