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Our newest addition

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Hey all,
I am finally back on the boards
I wanted to tell ya about our latest addition to the family. Most of you know I work for a vet. About 4 months ago, we trapped 2 kittens behind a grocery store. Someone had dumped the pregnant mom out there and she had the kittens behind the store. They both had lungworm,roundworm,Tapeworm, and horrible upper respitory infections. The little girl was born with a defect in her eye and from living outside it was infected. Once we treated the lungworm, and got the upper respitory cleared up, it was time to spay and neuter them. She needed her pea sized eye taken out, and her socket cleaned out and closed. Because it was so infected, it took about a month to heal. She has a hole from her eye to her Jaw. Her teeth were rotting from poor nutrition They were both REALLY scared, and since they were feral when we got them, it was hard to work with them. I think we all got bit and scratched at least twice by both of them. Okay...so the best part. I had been working with the girl, and I got her to the point where she would only hiss at me, and not go for blood. I knew we couldnt let her back outside, and I was sure it was going to be hard to find someone willing to accept her, and take the time with her. So, I came home...with the puppy dog eyes and asked Ken if she could come live with us. Of course, who could resisit the eyes, and now we have Elbee. She's come so very far. It's amazing the reward you get when you see simple things like them playing with a toy mouse for the first time, or the first time they dont run as soon as you walk into the room. She's a very special girl and I wanted to tell everyone about her

Here's Elbee now
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You Rock Sandie! So do you Ken! And I love her name!
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What a great end to your story. The poor thing! She is so lucky to be in your home, and she looks adorable!

Thank you for sharing!
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What a very special little girl! She's a doll, and you two are angels for taking her into already very full feline household.
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Awe, bless you for taking the precious little girl! She is so pretty.
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KC your kitty is beautiful! looks like an elegant statue sitting there like that!
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Awww Sandie what a gorgeous kitty!
I am so glad that she is adjusting well and that she has a good home now!

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Thank you guys!! Ken and I are thankful that she let us get close to her. It breaks my heart that she had to go through all of this just because someone threw her mom out onto the street pregnant.
KC65...I LOVE white kitty's...is she yours?
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She's beautiful Sandie and Ken. And so lucky to have you guys as her new parents. I hope she lives a long and happy life with the two of you.
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Wow one thing about this board it reconfirm that their is still hope for the human race. Sandy you are the guardian angel of guardian angels!!
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Aww, she's so cute! What a sad story, but I'm glad she found a happy ending.
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How could you possibly turn down the chance to have a red tabby female! They are hard to find lol! Good luck with Elbee! I bet she will just turn into a real sweetheart soon!
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Yes, she is a Red Tabby, and that makes her even more special
I will tell ya the story behind her name. When she got to the clinic, she wasn't very nice at all. All 3 of the girls at the vet clinic, after getting bit, called her the same thing. I won't say it here, but there were only 2 letters in Elbee...L.B.
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Sandie....what a nice story and how lucky is she to go home with you!!!! Vice Versus...

I love her name!!!! I think I am going to use that occasionally....at work!
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Elbee is so adorable!! You and Ken are angels for taking her in! She will have the best home possible now!!!!!
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