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ear mites, or possible infection? (and question regarding Revolution)

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First of all I've been reading the forums for a while and really enjoy this place, so thank you everyone

Anyways, my cat Mai has had earmites ever since I found her in my garage (she was an outdoor stray, now is only indoor) a year and a month ago. When I took her to be fixed last December the vet did a treatment (don't know what) on her ears and her left ear has been fine since. However the right ear still had mites. I went back after a couple of unsuccessful months and we tried some medication that was called Mita-Clear every week for a month.

After a month or so after finishimg it was clear that the black stuff in her ear was coming back so it was back to the vets. He gave me some medicine that I forget the name of but it was to be put in her ear once every two weeks. Again the black stuff came back.

So then we went back, got more Mita-clear because he said the only other option was an ointment that is put in her ears twice a day for 10 days...now just a quick side note. Every time I try to put medicine in her ear she freaks out (I can't do it alone - I live alone so my parents came for visits on nights she needed it) and starts drooling from fear and is just generally terrified. She is the most loving cat ever but even after just these treatments she hides whenever my parents come to visit. I think that doing twice a day for ten days (when it might not even work) is not an option because I think it will permanantly affect the way she relates to me and other people and I can't deal with that.

So anyways back to the last visit. The last round of Mita-clear didn't work. We went back to the vet's and this time he said it might be an infection and not mites. Is that possible? It is the dark wax in her ears and it looks just like her other ear did when it had mites. So he put some anti-infection cream in and said...put it in for 10 days twice a day just in case it is an infection.

I asked about Revolution and he didn't have any but put some Frontline on her and said it does pretty much the same thing. Is that true? I hope not cause it didn't work - the back stuff is now coming back slowly a week later, though it seems to be coming back more slowly this time. I am hoping that maybe Revolution might do the trick, what do you all think? Any advice? Have any of you had similar problems?

Sorry that was so long. After a year of mites I feel terrible for my cat. Luckily it doesn't really seem to affect her other than the ear scratching but I really want to get her ear fixed up. I don't really see any twice daily treatments as an option so i am really really really hoping there is some other way.

Thanks for any help,
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Paul, sorry you and your poor cat are having such stubborn mites.

Is there another vet you can go to for a second opinion? I would definitely do that if I were in your position.
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Our little one had quite a dirty ear when we found him, the vet cleaned the ear but didn't suspect ear mites, just a waxy ear.

Two weeks later the ear looked awful, we were gently cleaning it with a damp cotton ball but it didn't help--the ear stunk and looked just plain disgusting.

I took him to a new vet and he said Jack had an awful infection in his ear. We got oral antibiotics, ear drops and ear cleaner. Within three days the ear was much cleaner and no longer smelled. It has been two weeks since the vet appt and the ear looks great.

Perhaps another vet could explore whether it truly is mites or something else.

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Our Annabelle had the same problem.
She was a semi feral and the day I rescued her my regular Vet wasn't in.
She looked so bad that I didn't want to put off taking her to the Vet so I went to another Vet in town.

This Vet told me that she had earmites and treated her for them, but the black stuff never went away.
I took her to my regular Vet and it turned out the she didn't have ear mites at all, she had a yeast infection in her ears.
I'm sorry that I can't remember the name of the medication I was given to clear up the yeast infection, but I can say that once it was gone it never came back.
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