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Martial arts, anyone?

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Just curious, if any TCS members are doing martial arts.

I started aikido this fall. I had wanted to do it for a long time, but never got around to it before. I like aikido because it's sufficiently soft for a wuss like me. The training evenings are about the only time I can clear my mind and stop thinking about Usva not being there.

I'm basically ready to take my first grade, but I think I'll save it 'till January, because a little bird told me Santa's got a nice aikido suit for me in his sleigh.

What are you training?
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ok in order, somewhat
judo- started when i was 11,

during college i went to place that taught a mix of aikido & Jujutsu & Hapkido. it was a strange place, but it was alot of fun, minus the being so sore sometimes i did not feel like walking. Also took fencing, messed around with quarterstaff fighting. Staffs where alot of fun. I was also a member of group that did medieveal reenactments both during college and after the army.(i still have the mail shirt i made)

when i was living in hongkong a few years of kendo mixed in with laido
hmm i have several books on modern knife fighting,

when i moved to indoensia i did try beladiri which is there style , but that did not workout very well at all or by then i was to old to change,lol i am such a mixed up version of styles, a true mutt if you will.

i was a strange kid, i guess still am, anyway all this stuff ended after i hurt my back, cant do any of that anymore

sorry you asked now?

oh yea, i did try some others, but i suck at anything that means kicking.
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I took several years of what was supposed to be a Chinese style but I think there was actually quite a bit of kickboxing mixed in. We had sashes instead of belts and I made it to a brown sash. He had also taken classes from a Chinese master in a very very old form of Chinese wrestling which I could not begin to spell, so at the higher levels that was also mixed in. We had freestlye sparring for half of every class and it was a lot like traditional jujitsu. He also required Tai Chi for the brown sash and up so I have had some of that.

When I moved to Columbus I took some classes from a man who was a master in the above style who had spent some time in the Phillipines. While there he picked up a style called Mongoose. It involved a lot of the joint breaking holds. Not that I got good at any martial art but I was particularly bad at those holds. I just wasn't fast enough to apply them properly. If someone can get good at those they are really effective for someone who can't possibly overpower someone in a real situation.
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I've done 3 self defense courses. First is Taekwando, then Judo and finally Krav Maga (Israeli self defense).
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I'm going back many years now in memory, but I started out with Judo then switched to Ju-Jitsu. My former husband was a black belt instructor in Ju-Jitsu so I guess that's why I ended up taking it. Great way to exercise. The Dojo I attended also had Karate and Aikido classes.
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so i guess i am the only person that really liked learning to fight.....

oh wait not that many guys around here.
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I know how to fight but I don't like to.
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I'm into MMA - Mixed Martial Arts. I practice Striking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsua, and even some wrestling. It's a great way to keep in shape.
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I am a Third Degree Blackbelt in Korean Fighting-Style Tae Kwon Do, my husband is a Fourth Degree in same and working towards his 5th degree, which in this particular discipline is considered to be a Master. I also have strength in Sword Style and recently, was granted the honor of spending some small amount of time (hopefully will be able to spend some more) with an instructor of MCMAP (Marine Corp Martial Arts Program).
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Originally Posted by globalspot28 View Post
I'm into MMA - Mixed Martial Arts. I practice Striking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsua, and even some wrestling. It's a great way to keep in shape.
Which discipline of Brazilian Ju Jitsu? Do you follow the Gracie program?

I love MMA. Ground & Pound!!
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Wow, you've all done so many differend styles.
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
I am a Third Degree Blackbelt in Korean Fighting-Style Tae Kwon Do,
tae kwon do is one that i did try, but my legs just dont work that way
But i remember reading stuff from bruce lee about how not every style will fit every person, SO you take what works from for you, and use it.

its worked for me, but mixing styles did get me kicked out of few matches over time

Originally Posted by Ryn View Post
Wow, you've all done so many differend styles.
There is alot to learn form the different styles, the work out and the matches i thought where alot of fun,

i think the arts did me a world of good, it gave me a place to direct all my excess engery and how to control my anger( i was major hot head when i was young)..

I also think that it is where i learned respect for different culturals. I had over time, japanese, chinese, thai, english(fencing and quaterstaff) for different things. I think you learn to see people as people, err, when your face is trying to shoved through a mat lol
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