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Shell...that is too cute! Did you email the pic???? Awwww....I want to give a belly rub!
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LOL - Kitty Porn!

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Awwwww There's only one baby in there right now......
Where did the other go? LOL!

These kitties have a lot of babysitters, huh?

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Great Idea!!

I should put camera's in my house and eveyone can watch Cooper thump on Jack!

(I caught her this morning wacking him...... my little boy hits back!!!)
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oooooooo! you should do it Lhezzza! That would be so funny!! The babies UNPLUGGED.... LOL!!
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Ummm... nope... then everyone would see my messy house!!!

Not gonna happen!
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I have not had the time to post any new pix - but jeez, they are acting cute this morning! I kinda wanted to bump this post back up a little. I will be back in action soon!

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OK - I updated the contest pics...there are a few new ones up there now.

I have noticed the traffic on the cat cam has slowed down quite a bit! Are my kitties boring everyone? I have caught them in the act of some pretty cute escapades the last few days...keep on checking up on them! Send the link to your friends! Enjoy the kitties!

On that note, post your suggestions here! I want to know what I can do to improve the cat cam. Let me know!!

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I check regularily but I haven't been lucky lately. They are either gone or they are sleeping curled up and there are already lots of pictures of them in their spots. If they'd switch places once in a while, it would really throw us off! LOL

I'm keeping an eye on them as much as possible. How could I forget them???
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How about a feather toy..... stick it on the wall above their bed!

That should entertain both them and us!

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Good idea!!
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Don't forget to check in on the kitties!
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Mike, is there any way to view the new pictures you add to the contest without going through all of them each time? Not that I mind looking at them, I just find it slow.


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Yeah...I am working on it. Actually, I am working on a total re-vamp of the site to make it better looking and easier to use - with more fun stuff too! Probably another cam and instant comments from viewers. Also an automatic picture submission thingy...
Gotta be done in my 'spare time' - whenever that is!!
Thanks for the support!
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