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..not gonna win the contest...


kidding of course....pretty funny shot!

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Oh my, I see the picture, I definately see it! I have to admit, it is much different than all the ones I've seen so far. LOL Mine consist of sleeping positions only..
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Yeah Shell! Just like that! LOL
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Mike, the site is lovely, you can look in on them while you are at work.
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Awww the cat is looking cute right now!
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Lhezza.....that is soooooo cool! Have you set it up so that the picture is automatically updated here?????
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gulp.... nah I just copied his link as a photo....it still updates!

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This won't work for long...I will be updating the site with a 'fancier' web cam viewer that will show recent history and refresh automatically....stay tuned!

Also, I will be updating the contest inages later...

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I have added the newest entries! Come have a look!


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Thay are all soooooo cute! ummmm.....I feel like I'm addicted! You are going to have an email overload just from me alone!!!!
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Ghys - you got some really cute shots there!
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I LOVE the one where the kitty is licking his paw.

By the way.....does anyone know the names of these babies? Have I missed reading that info somewhere?
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The big one (white, etc.) is named Number Two after the character in Austin Powers...and because he was a very messy poo poo kitty in his younger years! The little one (silver tabby) is named Saffron or Saffy after the character on Absolutely Fabulous! - Edwinas daughter - because she is timid but very very smart!

Don't worry about filling up my mailbox - I am prepared to post every entry!

Thanks guys!

-mike caplan
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*sigh*...they've been gone for hours!
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One sleeping kitty, again.
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They're both there! Finally, I see both kitties. They look so happy and comfy. One of them is switching positions, the one without white. Cute!
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Sorry I have not posted lately...I have been very busy! I hope the cats have been keeping everyone entertained! Bye for now!
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I can't find your e-mail anywhere. I can't attach e-mails through a pm and I can't attach an image through the e-mail on here either. Ugh what to do?
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Contest submissions should be sent to kbmmike@mikecaplan.com

Send as many as you like! Enjoy the kitties today, they will probably be sleeping all day, as it is quite rainy!

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Go check 'em out!
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Very Snazzy Sign Mike!!!

^^Cat Cam^^
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You like the sign? I thought it might be a nice touch....! HEHE!
Anyhow, I have a load of new contest entries to post but I am afraid that I will not get to them until next week. The wife and I are off to Lake Tahoe tonight and we won't return until Tuesday. The kitties will be at home though, so keep checking in on them! We will be at our house in Tahoe, so we will use our computer there to check in on them ourselves...

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LOL, one of the kitties is checking out the new Cat Cam sign!
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who will take care of the kitties while you are away?
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These two are fine by themselves - the neighbors know to look after them as well. Sometimes they will go next door for some petting and attention...
They don't require soft food - they only like Purina Cat Chow and water (and gophers and mice!). True 'farm style' cats, these two are!

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i thought i would bump this up, they are sleeping away!
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Wake Up Little Kittys!!!
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How cute is this????
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Oh Shell, that's Precious! LOL!

Actually I saw the little buggers balled up in their bed this morning...really cute!!

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