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CAT Cam - too cute....

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Check out my cats! They sleep most of the day - curled up together...
The big one is called Number Two (Austin Powers reference intended) and the small one is called Saffron. Enjoy!


I am new to the list - so I am going to go read some posts now!
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You have some real cute Tabby's there
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They made the transition from apartment life, indoors to our new house in a rural area being outdoor/garage cats - they are happier than ever and we have no gophers at all (except on the back porch!)
CAT CAM!! http://www.mikecaplan.com
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Oh Wow! What gorgeous kitties! Thanks for taking them in, they look extremely well-cared for!
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They are loved....They are both from NARF! A year apart...
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Well I see one cute cat sleeping!!

Please take Vikki's concerns to mind about them being outdoor cats now.

Thanks for sharing!
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Yes - we were worried about that at first. Predators are no problem in our neighborhood...as a matter of fact, these two are almost at the top of the food chain in our area, including the neighborhood dogs! Both are extremely smart and intuitive. Although the big one loves the rain believe it or not - actually he loves water! He plays in the rain and in the sprinklers! We have had them to the vet for 'outdoor prep'. It has been almost a year since they have been outdoor/garage cats and they seem happier than ever!
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You are live over there now! Thanks!
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Thanks - I think I will be a regular here! Seems like a cool site - and I love to share my kitties!
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Very cute! Thanks for sharing.
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The kitties must be up for dinner, because none of them are snug in the bed anymore.

Oh well, I'll have to tune in later.

Welcome to the board, Mike.
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Bummer...I was hoping to catch a glimpse of these beautiful cats everyone talkin' about! I'll have to check back a bit later.

BTW...WELCOME TO THE SITE! Warning...this place is addictive! Don't say I didn't warn ya! LOL!
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Same here, no cat on the cam!!

Welcome to the site Mike!!

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Yay! I got to see one of the kitties! The one I seen was a real cutie...all snuggled up like a bug in a rug! Too cute! Mike...what a great idea to have a cam on your cats! Way too go!
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Yay! I saw one too!!!!

Very cute. Great idea. I'll check in later to see what's going on!
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OK Everyone - so since I don't save all the cat cam pictures, if you see a cute one send it to me at kbmmike@mikecaplan.com and I will post it in a gallery with your comments! Keep an eye on the cat cam - I will also be updating it so it looks a litte nicer...i just 'threw it up there on the web..." TTYL!


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I see one kitty.
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Ohh....Theres two this morning!!!!!

They are too cute. They look like 2 little snails, side by side like that.

*sigh* I've had my morning kitty fix!
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Awwww I see a silver tabby - I had a silver tabby named Romeo. He was my favourite kitty! I miss him.
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Sleepy kitty - how cute!
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I see both cats curled up into balls sleeping, this is so cool! I wish I could see their faces, guess I'll have to check back later!My Piper sleeps the same way...
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I see both now too, how neat! Darrell says he can do a webcam too, but we have no definite space where the cats sleep, they sleep wherever we sleep and I'm sure none of you want to see that! HA HA
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I always see the same kitty!!! Where's your friend kitty??? I'm starting to think there really aren't two afterall! You're all just pretending.
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Hello All!

We got our first submission, and i have posted it in a special area on the site.

Also, I have made some minor improvements...


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Gee that cat sleeps alot! LOL everytime I've been to your site it's always that one cat with or without his friend.:tounge2:
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Yep - he is truly a night cat. He sleeps all day and is out all night!
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kiwideus has submitted a cute pic to the contest - keep 'em coming!

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Can I ask a silly question.....how do I capture a cute picture?
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All you have to do (assuming that you are using windows) is place your arrow (cursor) over the picture and click your right mouse button. A dialogue will pop up and you will choose "save picture as". Then save the picture to your desktop or some other place where you will be able to find it when you go to attach it to your email!

Hope this helps!

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I'll keep my eyes open now because I come check out the babies often!
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