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Missing 10 wks...Returned home today!

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My nieces cat Red went missing about 10 weeks ago, he had gone missing once before that and came home in about 3 weeks with no ill effects, so she figure someone else was keeping him. This time she had given up hope of seeing him again.

She called all frantic this afternoon saying that Red showed up and this time he has lost so much weight and looks very frail I told her to get him to the vet asap.

She got him there about an hour later and he checked out ok, but is down to 5.something pounds (he was 14 pounds) and she's to watch for signs of any kidney trouble.

Red is about 10 yrs old and is an indoor cat who like to make a quick escape when the door is opened. I really hope she is able to keep him in from now on....poor guy
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Wow, that's amazing! I hope he recovers well.
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I could only be so lucky! I hope he will get better soon! I lost my GiGi about
6 wks ago! where I live, in the woods, it's hard to imagine her coming home
without imagining what could get her out there! I would give anything for that to happen to me, I'm so glad for her! Get well to Red!
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Wow, I'm glad he's back home and I hope he recovers well with lots of TLC!
Hopefully, he'll not think so much of running out the door anymore
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If Red was with someone while he was missing, they sure weren't taking good care of him.
I hope that next time the door opens, he will have no desire to leave his home for the dangerous outside world.

Vibes that his kidneys are OK.
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wow, 10 weeks! I'm so glad Red found his way home, poor little guy! Lots and lots of vibes that he will be okay
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Wow that is impressive. Here's hoping for a full recovery.
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Well, atleast he is home safe. Maybe they can try new things like putting him in a bedroom when they are going to open the door or training him to stay away from the door so it doesn't happen again. Important thing is that he is home and safe and she can give him lots a tlc to nurse him back to health now.
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Wow, that's amazing that he found his way home! Poor Red must have been so scared, but sooo pleased to be home! Lots of vibes for a good recovery.
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Good thing the little guy came home. When I was little our boy cat Pinky always took off and came back skinny as a rail. We figured he had a girlfriend somewhere.
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so glad he came home! 10 weeks is a long time!
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reminds me of King Arthur (he's been gone 25 years but I still miss him) About every 2 years he would go out and about. He'd come back looking like he had been in some major tank battles. It didn't seem to matter that he had been fixed either. The only cat I've ever had that would come to me when I called his name when I got home. He'd demand lots of attention and zooommm off he'd go to play with the Charlie the dog or Princess the other cat or Priscilla the malamute. He would go outside with me, but never off the porch. He also liked to drape himself around my neck. Amazing master.
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Thanks everyone!

Red is getting better, though he's not gaining weight very fast but the vet said that he probably wouldn't gain it back fast. He is eating good and using the litter good as well.

My niece said he is staying close to everyone, so hopefully he won't go out least not any time soon
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So glad to hear Red is making slow progress.
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