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My Boys Hate Each Other!! Help!!

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Seems everyone has a cat fighting problem-I got a doozy! Two males, one 2yrs. old and fixed. The other is a year and has a vet appt. for first shots tomorrow before neutering. Late Thursday night-they had a brutal fight-no one got hurt-including me. They have had to be seperated ever since. I can no longer have them in the same room. My youngest seems to be the agressor-he's out for blood. I realize it has to do with his not being fixed-they are both indoor cats-and I guess he feels the older one will cut into his action-he can only wish he could get some! My question is-will the neutering be able to bring them back together?? These guys got along great from day one-they used to lay on the couch with their arms around each other. The young one is perfectly happy in my bedroom in his own bachelor pad-but I hate keeping him holed up in there-not to mention having a litter box in there also. Any advice? I love them both so much and don't want to have to give one away. They are the light of my life!! Thanks! Sheila
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I think the neutering will definitely help. But, after he is neutered you will need to re-introduce them slowly. Letting them sniff each other through a closed door for a while and use some of the tricks other members have posted here.

Best of luck and I do hope you'll get to keep them both!
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I just have to add my .02 cents in here.... last week I had my 8 1/2 month old male neutered and I never thought for a minute of re-introducing him to my 2 year old male. Both my 2 year old and my female went up to Oliver when he got home and sniffed him and then just walked away. And since then they have been acting the same as they always have, running around the house like madmen chasing each other (yes, I'm keeping Oliver limited for awhile). I am curious to see what will happen with the pecking order after awhile though! Oliver had taken over really quick being the only "whole male"... now Big Boy can maybe take his place back at the top! But I can see re-introducing them since there is a history of fights now. My boys fight, but its play-fighting (they end up hugging each other more than hurting each other).
But as for the cat fights... I will have to agree that the younger one being nuetured will help. I would bet that it's the younger one being the instigater! He's the "man" of the house now! Cats are funny that way, and we have to remember to sometimes look at them like a pride of lions instead of our sweet little kitties.
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Thanks to those that have replied so far! Took the demon kitty to the vet-got his shots and the neutering will take place next Monday. I tried re-introducing them afterwards-they sniffed each other a bit and began to live in harmony again-they actually ate together-and then....it was over. Total chaos. The older male hissed at the youngster and it was "game on" again. They are seperated again for now. I hesitate to try it again-its a total psychotic episode for them-and me!! I'll keep you posted! Thanks again-Sheila
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Let us know how it goes after being neutered. You can also try a product called Feliway. Make sure and spray essential areas where the older one spends a lot of time. It will help to cut down on the territorial issue. When he comes home, it will help with the re introduction.
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