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Cute! But Strange!

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I wish I could have gotten a picture of this...

Earlier when I walked outside to check on Face's bed (she's using it now! Yay!), I caught her for a brief moment curled up with an opossum? Cute as heck, but I thought opossums would be prey animals to cats? Any insight?
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Fred had a possum for a buddy for a little while. They would hang out together on a low tree limb over my car. The possum came inside looking for Fred on a nice day when I had all the doors and windows open. (We lived in the country with nothing dangerous to the cats.) He just stood up and looked at me, and Fred came around the corner and they wlked outside together. I don't know what happened to him, he just left and never showed back up. Fred would make friends with almost everything but dogs. He HATED dogs.
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^ Lots of cats hate dogs, mine will sit in the windows and growl if there's a stray dog running around... Tomas did that one night to what I was pretty sure might was a person. Spooky. (always lock your doors, no matter where you live)

I'm going to guess it's at least chilly, if not cold in Indiana. Whether its a matter of companionship or just a wise use of body heat -only the animals know.
I've seen kittens scared of opossums, but adult cats don't mind them.
Did the opossum look healthy? And be careful not to spook the little guy, if you get bit it would probably make your family (and the local hospital + your docs) panic.

I have an Australian friend who told me about her local possum family invading her kitchen and the babies nipping at her toes.
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One got into my SO's mother's house (a nasty woman) and when she got home it was sitting on her kitchen counter with a fish bone in one paw and a fork in the other, hissing at her. It terrorized her until they finally captured it in a trash can and took it away. Her husband said if it came back he was going to let it stay. It had come in through a hole in the floor under the kitchen sink. I think they should have kept the possum and taken her away in the trash can.
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