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She pets herself

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We have a fairly new little girl--Chloe--whose background is a bit vague. We know she was abandoned by a family who moved, and she appears to have gone through a bit of neglect. She's very sweet, loves tummy rubs and petting, but she has a behavior I've never seen in my other two cats--she pets herself. She'll lie on her back and stroke her own head and under her chin with her paw. Not in a cleaning fashion--she does groom, but this action is different, she pets herself just like a human would pet her. I'm wondering about the origin of this behavior--has anyone seen anything like this from a previously neglected or abused cat?
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I have seen a lot of things in abused and neglected cats, but never this? I wonder if somehow it brings her comfort?
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It's a really heartbreaking thing to see. She bit and scratched when we first took her in--about three weeks ago. Now she's very loving, and very needy. She also wriggles on the floor a bit like an inchworm a lot, but that doesn't seem as strange.
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Wow! I've never heard about this either. It does sound like a self-soothing behavior.

Bravo to you for rescuing this poor kitty and for sticking with her when she was being so frightened of you.
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I also really can't give a suggestion, other then abuse or severly neglected cats can come up with some very strange habbits!
Specially animals who have brain damage, they do some crazy things.

Yes good on you for taking this baby in!
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Bless you for taking in a kitten that needed time to adjust. And I agree with the others, althought I've never experienced this behavior with a kitten, it does sound like a way of comforting herself. And especially if she has warmed up to you, showing & accepting affection, I wouldn't worry about it.
Good Luck to you and your new companion.
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