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Mom biting kittens

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We took in a stray, low and behold she had 3 kittens 2 weeks later! She is a sweet and loving cat and a good mom. The kittens are 3 wks old and I twice observed her biting them (different areas of their bodies) to the point they would cry. She will then start licking them and alternate between licking and biting. My vet (who I trust) suggesting separating them, in fear she may kill them. I want to do what's best for them.....please let me know if anyone has witnessed this with new moms. I have no experience with moms and kittens so I greatly appreciate any advice!
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I have not seen that in kittens so young...I thought it was mom doing that to older kittens - disciplining them. Sorry I'm not that much help.
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I've seen it, and the kittens were never harmed by the mother. I've often thought that the mom would do it to let the kittens learn how to yell if they are being attacked, kind of teching them they have a voice and to use it. That's just my opinion tho.

I definitely wouldn't seperate them since mom needs to teach them many things at this age. But if she starts drawing blood...then it's time to get concerned.
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My Mother cat did this to her baby's and sometimes still does it to them and they are 4 years old.
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Our girl Spooky had 2 kittens. When she tries to clean them, they'll move all over the place, she'll nip them to calm them down. They mewed a bit but it wasn't anything serious.
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Calamity really doesnt like other cats. Just tolerates them. When I first got her she her sons Sundance and Butch were about 6 weeks old but from reports of people who saw them before I discoverd them she was biting and hitting them for several weeks before.

She would be licking them or theyed be nursing and she'd hiss and slap them or theyed be sleeping and she hiss and slap them. She realized she really didnt like other cats but wwent back and forth between loving her babies and hating them. They turned out fine. A little weird in the head but otherwise they are fine. Not the smartest cats ever. -
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rule of thumb, as long as there is no blood being drawn then it is normal, if it does come to a point where she is drawing blood then you will have to think about seprating them, but i wouldnt go in to this lighty and im suprised your vet suggested it so quickly.
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Ive seen this alot! Ive never seen them actually get hurt though!
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