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nutro pouches

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i have so many feeding questions. my max, 6 months, was eating nutro kitten but sharky was thinking he maybe had an allergy so i tried natures variety with him. i actually tried both formulas, the chicken free and the grain free. he would kinda nibble on the chicken free, but only if he was really hungry. the grain free not a single cat in the house would even touch a single bite. while he was on those his bowels did not change in odor, just amount, but he was eating less. i've finally given in and put him back on the nutro because he was just scarfing down my old damian's can food (crappy 9-lives the only stuff he'll eat). i don't want that. as for wet, he loves nutro pouches, but won't touch the can stuff. i have no problem feeding him those, it's just that there are only two kitten flavors. can i feed him any of the adult yet? are there any other quality pouches?

now millie, 4 months also loves her nutro kitten dry and i just started letting her have some wet and she loves it. she has some trouble with the chunks, but licks the gravy up first. again, there are only two flavors available for kitten. sophie won't touch the wet and her foster mom told me she tried also and she wouldn't touch it.

now, i guess i prefer pouches because i find it easier to feed them. honestly, having to smell cat food for too long and get too close to it, makes me gag and almost throw up. i find with the pouches i don't dry heave as easily, maybe because i don't think the odor is as strong.

right now, i'm feeding max 3/4 a pouch 2 times a day, the remainder goes to millie (she doesn't eat much yet). before millie came along he was getting half in the morning and half at night, free fed dry. he is a growing boy (i swear he has tripled in size in the past month!)

ok, so my questions:

1. is it ok to feed kittens any adult wet food?

2. what are some other good pouch foods?

3. am i feeding them enough?
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IMHO a mix of kitten and adult after six months is okay

Nutros gourmet classics in the 3 oz cans might work .. they have a good amount of protein and fat

meow mix

WELNESS make s very good pouches

by nature make s a good pouch

since you feed dry figure out the wet amount via the directions and then cut it in half
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