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Hi was just reading a thread on catnip bubbles can anyone tell me if normal bubbles you buy for kids are safe for the kitty to thanks
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regular bubbles probably aren't because they are made with soap. you probably can get the non-toxic pet safe ones at petsmart or petco or walmart.
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Thanks for your help thank you for the link I'm off to check it out now
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No problem!
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I use regular bubbles. The cat doesn't really ingest any.

I tried the catnip bubbles, but they were oily and heavy and hard to make bubbles with... they smelled awful and chemical-ly and neither I nor the cat liked them. Simple soap bubbles seem safer to me.
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Not all cats like the bubbles, regardless of the kind. Odo is terrified of them and leaves the room whenever I open the bottle. Zek, however, stomps on them. I've used both catnip and regular bubbles and never noticed any ill effects from either.
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