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Question for someone in the know...

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Is there a website that lists every single search engine? If so would you either send me the link or post it here?
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I'm asking Earl for you. Since he's a webmaster himself, he should know.
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This is a pretty good start.


and this is the directory that has volunteers review sites for listing in the directory that is used by Lycos and a bunch of others. So if you are wanting to get web sites listed on search engines, go to this page and then submit your site.
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He said there isn't a real master listing of all the search engines. There's over 500 around. He also said that as you have Meta Tags the search engines will start picking you up. After he put the Meta Tags into his website, they started showing up on all the search engines. The major ones, like Yahoo and Google, have a place where you can submit your site for free.

So there's his knowledge anyway.
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Heidi, that's right, and submitting to the DMOZ link will get things picked up by google and yahoo - that's what they use. But you also need meta tags, that's important.

There are two different ways that sites show up on searches. One is through the automatic listing, the search engines have a "robot" that drills down through your site and indexes your key words. If you have meta tags, some robots use those. Others just use the most common words on your site, so meta tags are extremely useful, but not essential.

The other way sites show up in a search is on a directory - and that is compiled by people who review the sites, believe it or not! Submitting to google will eventually get the site listed on that DMOZ search, and then to all of the other search engines that use directories, rather than, or in addition to, the robot index.

Alta vista is a good example of a search engine that uses both.
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I used to go to www.37.com to search on 37 engines all at the same time.
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Thanks guys, I did find Rolist which was pretty unusual it itself. But thanks to your information, I found out what I needed to know- thanks again!
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