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I'm so mad

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My college-age daughter decided she wanted a cat for company. She has threatened to steal Zoey or her older brother's cat - we check for the cats before she goes back.
She really wants a long-haired calico, similar to her brother's rescued cat. Last week, we looked through the paper, rescue sites and petfinder to come up with a list. On Wednesday, before leaving to check out the cats, we found a new listing on petfinder for a litter of 9 kittens. I called to see if the shelter was open, as it was an hour drive. "No problem" We drive over and my daughter fell in love with the cutest orange cheeked kitten. Then the guy said they would not be released until Wednesday, today, as they were "found" and turned in. He would not permit me to fill out the paperwork or leave a check or cash to list us as first right-of-refusal. I can understand that they didn't want someone to say they wanted them and not show up. The guy was a jerk about it and I was nice even though I was mad that he didn't say anything on the phone about not releasing them for a week.
As I am driving over there today to pick up two of the kittens, I decide to call. "Someone" has picked up all 9 of the kittens. So either a rescue claimed them (okay) or someone got them to sell. I am glad if they are in rescue, but mad because two of them would have been in a furever home.
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Yeah, I would be mad too It looks like he would have been more willing to set up a good home for these kitties with you. Makes you wonder about him, huh? That's too bad your daughter didn't get them....I do hope they did end up in a good place!
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