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My kitty bit my eye!

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Very strange. One of my kittens was on my lap today, i was petting her and all of a sudden she got up and bit my eye. She didnt do damage but she did it a couple more times while she was sitting there. Both my cats adore me so I dont know what that was all about. Cats can be so weird sometimes. Anyones cats ever randomly do strange things like that?
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When Leo was about 6 weeks old, John was laying in the bed with Leo on his leg. Leo crawled up John's chest, looked him right in the face, tilted his head the tiniest bit, and bit down on John's nose. He never did it again though.
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My beloved angel Simba used to bite noses. Hard. With no provocation. She also bit some earrings of mine while I was wearing them. They will forever remind me of her.
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Puss wakes me up in the morning by giving me gentle (or not so gentle) nose bites!
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Maia is almost 2 years old, she loves to ride on my shoulder......the other day she bit my cheek hard enough for me to be surprised, it hurt! Since then she has tried to give me love nibbles, but I turn my face away! Silly cats!
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Easy used to stick his paw in my eye all the time, and still sometimes when he is laying down next to me, he will lean over and stick his nose in my eye...

sometiems they are strange.
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Kittens love eyelashes! Unfortunately, kittens also like to swat at you when you are looking under the couch for them, and I still have a scar on my eyeball that gives me fits when my dry eye syndrome kicks in (Are your ears burning, SMOOCHIE! Hmm, doesn't look bothered- looks asleep... )...*sigh*
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