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Ouch! my butt!

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Yet another thing I'm not fussy about now that it's winter "BLACK ICE!"

I was walking out to my car at lunch and fell flat on my arse, I have a bruise on my hip, hand and butt, and now my neck is stiff. Am I the first fall on the ice of the year?
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No. I spilled water on the front step, I could even see the ice & knew it would be there. And I still fell about 2 days ago.

Hope your bum feels better soon!
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Awww I'm sorry. Winter really stinks.
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Awww, I hope your bum is better soon

I haven't slipped yet
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Well, I empathize, and I gotcha beat by a year and a half -- I did this in March of last year, and it took months for my tailbone and my hand to feel normal, though x-rays revealed no problems internally. Fortunately, though, it was only me that was damaged -- my digital camera was in the hand that DIDN'T break my fall! and I saved it.
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I'm sorry it's happened to me before too when I was working fast food and this lady gave me a ride home and it was really slick out from the snow and ice and I went to grab the gate and fell right before I reached it. I hope you feel better soon.
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Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon! I had to giggle a bit....you have to admit it's just a tiny bit laughable

This year, Febuaryish I was working at a residential treatment center for teen boys......Yeah, I feel flat on my butt. They were nice at least and said are you ok?! I was laughing at myself!
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